Void is Stinky -_-

I’ve been using Void almost since the very start of my account on my physical mech (because it’s the only E-M physical drone I’ve ever gotten (cause my luck sucks)), and I’ve noticed 1 thing.

It sucks.
idc if I get any backlash on this post but I just needed to express my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


I won’t give you any backlash, but Void is pretty much an all-rounder drone.

Tonto is something that the guys mostly use for obvious reasons, but also has some setbacks (range and sometimes cost), Void should clear those things out but would be significantly weaker.

It’s still strong tho


It’s good for double sword combo if you don’t have backstabber.


void stops my claw mech bullying . . . -_-

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Void was good for a long time until Backstabber came out people thought it was op when in truth was it was ok. But I think Tonto is broke af

HURLBAT IS ALLROUND DRONE. would you agree with that?

Yes, but given the fact it does not do res drain, it is really bad.

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true… when i have it mythed, its not as good as max legy tonto… i have both, but will be forced to sacrifice a resist module ijn order to house the tonto…

Why would you compare Hurlbat/Dustmaker to Tonto lol

That thing is basically a flying Annihilation with costs.

tonto? or hurlbat? which one?


im shook because you don’t understand something that is almost 100% clear.

You don’t compare Hurlbat/Dustmaker to Tonto, is that easier?

okay, that makes sense. i will continue with my mythed hurlbat then.

good luck men

ill see you in 10 years at Rank 10 once you mythed your tonto jk

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… thank you? im mything my nf first… i have 5 myths.

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