Vlogs for battledawn

The game staff should make weekly or monthly videos. This is to give more confidence to people that the game is still cared. There should be updates on progress made to improve the games . upcoming events should also be mentioned . link of the video should be given in BD news…
What do u think???

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This would have to come from the community not staff as BD only has 1 full time employee and to make a weekly or monthly video would require a lot of work.
If anyone is experienced with this sort of stuff and has ideas for it I would be happy to help out.


I have experience with editting and i have a very good recording setup. the issue i see with this is that usually when devstreams or game staff vlogs happen, it is usually in an environment where they are all together. and it requires a team. which are both lacking, in my opinion. this would work for Super Mechs, but I imagine the like:dislike ratio wouldn’t be too good for them.


An addition to this suggestion would be for Battledawn to create an official youtube channel.

With this opens up a new role media or Spectator to which are people hand selected by the admins through applications that are trusted with the responsibility of not leaking details of what happens in the world to players in order to give one alliance the upper hand.

Videos are then recorded and uploaded with a delay of recording so that there is still surprise attacks to happen. After being recorded they get sent to the admin of said respected world for to maximize security.

Also create videos yourself, the best way for something to increase traffic besides Facebook advertising is word of mouth from the communit.
Some video ideas include:
How to - Form an alliance, Increase power level, early game tactics
Lets play
World Report (Upload daily updates of what happens in the world you are in whether that be wars, teams expanding, broadcast call outs and forum talks)

Other way you could help Battledawn get more players:
Invite friends from other games you play to join you.
Teach new players the ropes and advise them to invite people they know for them to teach and lead their own team.

BD is a really complicated game, first of all it takes quite some time to understand the game,my rl friend couldn’t evrn play for more than 2 days lol

Further, it requires 16+ hrs activity to play serious eras , not all ppl can have that , so it’s kind of hard to get new ppl into the game .

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Indeed it is but new players are able to have fun with questionable activity by becoming friendly with the heavy hitters, I use to be buzzing about achieving top 6 when I first started and my alliance was full of players that would log on twice a day on 1 tickers.