Visual Update hehexd


So i love having new people in charge who are actually working to improve the game, and the updates are cool and fresh but i think the best way to actually get people to get into the game is to Visually update it again. I say again because i look at old screenshots and see the difference but the current still looks really shitty and not very attractive to new players!

Just my 2 cents on the matter


If we would change all the visuals… that would mean it would be a huge update with alot of risk too :neutral_face:


If we update visuals, we could make a small download version of the game and put it on steam, that would attract a wider audience, I am sure!


Very true…
We could take it to steam after making a Independent client But it would take a heck alot of time to develop because i believe Battle Dawn is Browser based.


I think it would be very beneficial for them to do so. Possibly move the game onto mobile (not earth arena) where I can check on my colony from my phone instead of needing a computer or third party app.


Flash based to top it off. It’s possible to get a flash based game on steam… but difficult. Flash was really meant for browser based play. But never say never! We can all hope and dream still that it’ll happen :sparkles:


Im pretty sure BD can be visually updated without having to change it’s flash nature riight?


maybe BD need to improve their grapich, I wish BD was on steam and 3D grapich, More advance, this grapich was old


yea, it very old visual


I think the graphics are fine, it’s the game that matters :slight_smile: , but slightly outdated yes. Old doesn’t mean bad, it just is slightly less appealing to newer players. Putting it on Steam imo wouldn’t do much. If it does happen though make sure it plays with the .com people.


Yes Old graphics are still appealing…
Ever played a game called Age of Empires II ?? …
it was launched in 1999 with fat ass graphics
and still popular in current online gaming


yeah, but everyday technology is growing up, game must follow new tech,
Age of empires II will never be play at 2050
If battle dawn dont update their grapich it will be same


I don’t think Battledawn, much less any game made now will last that long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Like I said before it’s not graphics that make a game, it’s gameplay that makes a game :thumbsup:


I still play AoEII. Perfect example of gameplay > graphics. I can’t tell you how many high graphics games I’ve played and simply been disappointed with in the end. Now, if you are able to combine both, then fantastic! But I’d rather a fun game with worse graphics, than a beautiful game that I don’t find fun.


Well i wouldnt still be playing the game if i didnt enjoy the gameplay, and im not saying overhaul it completely but a new face would do wonders for the game imo.


We had a sort of new GUI a few years ago, that must be… 4 years ago by now? I actually liked the old style better. To be honest though, I think with the type of people you’re looking for when you’re advertising for BD, graphics don’t factor into the decision whether to stay or not too much. It’s not something I’d focus on.


I like the suggestion and since BattleDawn is being updated I believe this should be taken into consideration. If this were to ever happen, how about posting a preview of how it looks on a on test server before running the update on the main site? This way, players will get a solid perspective in order to assert whether or not they like the update followed by their suggestions on how to improve the graphics.
In my opinion, I think the current graphics are old and should be replaced with newer ones, maybe even 3D graphics in order to keep up with the times! It’s 2017, not 2006.
Finally, as for the gameplay - graphics argument, the game play is really the most exciting I have ever experienced in a way because I do not think I have ever played a game where human relations is strongly required in order to succeed, it is a game of diplomacy after all and since the graphics suggestion has been brought up, I strongly believe the team responsible of the update should treat visual and game play aspects equally.




Yeah i agree, Senatus is correct in the assumption that the players we are targeting do not care about the graphics though, however to get the untargeted audience invested when they just start out could be to show them that the game looks well made (not saying it isnt but it obviously does not look up to date). When i clicked on the battledawn add i clicked it because it was sold on the ad as visually appealing and free, currently only one of those things are true.