Visual bug while upgrading

It doesn’t show you what you will get after upgrade. Earlier there was for example “+6” next to hp.
After click on upgrade button it changes values but again it doesn’t show you “+1” “+2”… animation.

Before upgrade

After upgrade

Occasionally you don’t gain anything from a level. It just happens :confused:

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But do you see that after upgrade hp is higher? Also this is only one example, it is the same if I want to upgrade item from 1 to 30 lvl. I am not an idiot -,-

I’ve edited original and now it is clear I think.

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My bad! it is a visual bug. @Sarah247 please can you see above post. Increases arent showing for when you boost an iten.

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Also many times I’ve seen when transforming from say EPIC to LEGENDARY or MYTHICAL you get lower stats to start.
ENERGY on LEGENDARY is 85 but when you see the transform stats it will start at 82 or similar losses.