Visual Bug in Clan War Summary

My clan, Cyberdyne Systems, won round 1 (84% vs. 83%) plus round 2 (85% vs. 80%) in the last war.

And I just received the Win Reward (“A” box + 92 coins):
But everything in the summary is wrong…

Can you fix it please? (I mean, it’s just basic math, you know.)

P.S. this is not the first time this bug appears to my clan.


This also happened with under the bridge but we also either got the S box ( losers box) or no reward at all in some clan mates case.

This happens in our clan(Under the bridge) and we always get the weakest box.

And sometimes I don’t even get the reward.

Thanks for reporting we are checking it out.

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New war’s result:

  • Victory is ok.
  • Reward is ok.
  • Percentages in the summary are not ok but close.

Thank you for the update! We are looking into these issues and are working so that everyone has a smooth, enjoyable and correct Clan Wars experience.