Viking hammer stats please


With arena buffs. Please


You can use KilliN’s Workshop Unlimited to see stats with arena buffs applied




You can only check overall mech stats this way, not the damage dealt with weapons with arena buffs.


Oh, I thought you could oofy. Unless if it were the other one with arena buff options

VIKING HAMMER (63)  1 Range 211-354 ElDmg 114 EnDmg -17 Regen 3 Push      (50/13 Cost)

Without Buffs, above
With Buffs, below

VIKING HAMMER (63) 1 Range 254-425 ElDmg 139 EnDmg -17 Regen 3 Push (50/13 Cost)

Thanks to andernut for base stats, and my calculator to say the EFFECTIVE stats once arena shop maxed


This is why the forum comes with a search feature…Literally,it will search all the threads that contain the given word(s).