Viking hammer more like horrible portal and stinking items


This portal has been a good for me because I have two nightfalls but no range 5 weapon should I get resistance, health, or weapons like desert snake ( ps.) I have desert snake.


Desert snake is crappity crap, Get a Night Eagle if you’re a Physical main, Desolation or Supreme Cannon for Damage Heat Builds and Valiant, Hysteria and Malice for Energy


ummmm what portal? I’m confused


The Viking one…


Last portal, The Viking hammer Portal where I got another Valiant


Were you dwelling on this for a while or what?


What? Sorry and seriously, What?


not you…the OP (20 chars)


This sentence has been hacked


(I had night eagle).


I tried to get hammer by buying 3 prium packs nothing good only faithful steels.