Video Contest - Teaser plus casting still open

Greetings, Pilots!
I have uploaded a teaser of the superproduction hitting cinemas across the globe this winter.

I would like to remind you also that the casting is still open!
If you are interested in taking part in this promising Mechlywood blockbuster, just PM me in the forum. You may act as:
Mechboy’s mother (female voice needed)
Mechboy’s sansei Naga-San
Bashing-Khan - main protagonist (male voices needed)
Support actors (male and female voices)

I encourage you to take part in this project. It will be great fun! Just PM me in the forum if you are interested. Cheers!


yay keep it up

I like the beginning part of the small mech saying how he wants to be a big mech warrior


@Mordulec :grinning:

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It coming along great!
Can’t wait to see the final video. :slight_smile: