Video contest reward?


Top 10 - : Premium Pack
1st place - 1,000 Tokens
2nd place - 750 Tokens
3rd place - 500 Tokens


The same I have not received my reward, promised three years of waiting=)


I don’t have it too.

@Sarah247 we know that there is a lot of work but sending boxes doesn’t require much efford :expressionless:


I really want my reward @Sarah247 please :frowning:
my player id : 4620827


Please I want my reward :’(


You guys still haven’t received it…?


I’ve got it but I forgot to update in this post xD


I’ve dont receive it :frowning:


Best to inbox Sarah for these if she missed you out :slight_smile:


All rewards were sent.
If you feel you didn’t get your reward send me a message with your User ID, Username & link to the video you submitted.
I will check it out.