Video Ads on Supermechs


To be a Beta Tester I had to make a SM account since I normally play on Kong. Just have to say… WOW are there a lot more Ads… Especially the intrusive Videos. Not all of us want to star and digital DDD elven bosoms or a Dark Elf shaking her tush. Glad I play on Kong most of the time even if we do seem to get left out of good things at times as well.


The Kong version has no ads?


Little is a Banner one at the top, but it never blocks you from playing and is easily ignored. The other thing about the SM videos is they ignore your Sound Settings… so when one pops up it plays over whatever song I am listening to. Just toadd insult to injury. 8^|


And seriously? How many times do I need to see Lowe’s has refrigerators if mine breaks? Have to Laugh or I would Cry.


Yes i agree this issue i too faced a lot more than normal times when im listening music; video just pops up and ignore sound settings but you will get used to it developers need to earn profits from such things to keep game going. :slight_smile:


No doubt! I just wish they had a few more Sponsors so there was a bit of variety. :slight_smile:


@Bell is correct. In order to keep the game going, we ask to take a minute to watch a video.
It is how we are able to bring you more game content and development.
We also don’t control the variety of ads you see. We use a third party that shows you ads probably based on your location.
The team is super grateful for every player that takes the time to watch an ad.


It’s probably based on your search activity…sounds like your fridge’s on its last legs :wink: