VETS OUT THERE, let's look back for a second

How many of you remember these days, before crazy meta builds and battles lasted longer than 30 seconds.

And this guys was still a legend?


You havent even went back far enough , the true cancerous build back then was:
Dino riffle + 3 heat overflow
Dual haunteclere + 2 heat overflow

Sounds unfamiliar ? only people played since the release of the game know this


I’ve played since near release, but was just a kid, wasn’t very into the game at the time. This was when I really got into the game.

I remomber the earlier version :stuck_out_tongue:

i remember when my stuff was still gud

I can’t remember all those names back then but I built an heat mech with those parts:
flame stompers ( or what ever it was called )
air strike
red beam ( or smth like that )
more weapons but i forgot their names
and red angel i think

The heat overflow sounds familiar, but I can’t remember its sprite…

And I loved the dino rifle ages before…

it had three red circles, and the rest was grey. it gave 40 heat, and dino rifle was saurus rifle, but with one hole only

I know it for the Dino rifle, I used it for some times before my Yoshimo quad-blades with RPG or Apocalypse…^^

same here…I really liked the old shop better…


Call of lightning… the real wepon of real men.
That was my sweetheart when i started this game.
And after that shotgun X mark 1, i used to jump of the chair when that babby hit a 160-170 dmg.

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S o m u c h N o s t a l g i a

This brings back so many good memories. . .

I used to main with Vulcano, Heat Overflow, some flamethrower, and Dino Rifle. I never even touched PvP because I didn’t know it existed. XD

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Ah yes, I remember. Campaign was easier too.

On some cheat site there is old campgain lol

I remember too. I didn’t complete the campaign, but I was doing OK for a new guy. I only wish they brought the shop back, along with buffing heat mechs.

I still have call of lightning

Dewah77 rules

The call of lightning was also an good alternate if you don’t have the electric axe or the electric sword forgot names -.-. Btw i’m wondering if anyone still keeps legacy items.

oh yes…i still have firewall and i still use it
unfortunately i was careless enough (or not have enough foresite to know what the future brings) not to keep some others i would have good use for it…like the double use hooks, chargers and teleporters…

btw i wish they bring back the old releases even for a limited time…