Very special club here


Same here…I think I may need some repairs after this battle :sweat_smile:


Why don’t you just do “<>” ?

It’s easier


Seems France is good to go for the win


No. Never. Just you wait. When I wake up, tuesday morning, I will watch, and when Beligum wins, I will laugh.


That was a dream of fluffeh’s too back when he had a goal of attaining a W/L ratio of 1000 to 1. He did get win streaks in the thousands regularly aswell until the god mode came around. I find it hard enough maintaining 3 mechs, I still have parts that aren’t maxed yet on them and maxing my utilities has been on my to do list since the start of reloaded. To be fair though most days I only bother to do 3 campaign missions for the tokens instead of using all the fuel I get in that day.

As for my mech weights I almost never get 1k. Closest atm is my second mech at 999kg. Sad stuff.



just realised my modified energy is now 1k.



Mate wow.
This thing is a beast…
Od like to try and give it a go…


You think so? Either I am seeing an increase of heat builds or am just starting to notice



I also built another heat … with Crimson, with an axe, with cannons … it was beautiful! And to play on campaign is phenomenal!

But at the moment of truth, I didn´t dare to use it in pvp … and know why? Because my phys with 2700 HP and 3 heat modules, in 99% of the cases can beat a heat like that …

Today a phys reaches between 2700 and 2900 HP and has a good level of cooling and resistance. I don´t think there’s a heat that can resist that.

For better though you have many platinum, you can never use more than 3, because heat weapons weigh too much (generally only 2, my build should be one of the few exceptions that it has 3).

And if you face a free energy heat vs. “pro” energy (2 bunkers, VS and faceshocker) it´s very difficult for you to win. In fact, except that opponent has no experience.

I think there is more heat because they are visually attractive and promise a lot. You watch a heat and it seems that you eat the game! But reality is the weakest type of mech.


You have made very fine points…heat definitely has some tough attributes to overcome. I think heat at early ranks is where it seems to really dominate and we all know why


The OCD mechs club ?


Yes, *very special club


Am i in?

And yes,i did revived this thread.


Nice mech. You can stay :+1:




You might have already seen my mechs in a different thread.
I’m also in your club.
I have 3 mechs worth 1000 kgs,and here comes my 4th after I get that UltraBright.



That’s a phys nightmare right there… not including dual anni’s maybe, but anything else better watch out.


It will be nightmare when I’ll get Last Words, after maxing everything everything that uses energy (except boilers) will be in trouble