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If everything is very well balanced, as you say … it´s curious that you play only with 2 phys and 1 energy or eventually with 3 phys.

The essence of the game is fun and the ability to try new constructions. It’s funny that having all the items, like you do, never play with a heat.

Why don´t you try? Sometimes it’s fun to change mechs … play with something different. And if everything is balanced, then, you have the same opportunities with everyone.

Try a heat then!


Wow! Wepwawet, that’s a good comeback!


This can be due to many things, maybe she has the physical buff maxed, physicals are relatively simple to use and easyer to build and of course, the box drops may be better for physical in her account. Those are some points to be keept.


To my own surprise the first is doing really well actually!!! It wins Against many good mechs…
The second is a physical killer and I make sure that it never encounters energy… I lose instantly if it does…
And the third is the most balanced yet the one I hate the most because everyone and their grandma build it… plus I hate reckoning but it is a must with the claw…

I build to have a balance between fun and competition… it may not be the ultimate most powerful builds I can do but I have fun with’em…

I’m starting to exploit more the resistance module that I obtained lately… lacking plates I’ll at least try to maximize what I have… I’m still tuning those builds…


I should try then with the 1800 HP. I had it with 200 HP more and the truth was not very successful.

In something I will have been wrong then.


Sorry, but …

  • the balance of the game

  • what I use at the moment

… has absolute nothing to do with each other :exclamation:

I use what I want and @KilliN is right with his thinking, it was/is just the best way, but has nothing to do with balance :exclamation:

If you can remember I won first possible Single Gold Medal at SuperMechs reloaded also, WITH a Heat build :exclamation:

You still don’t get that you can’t win all … that will never ever be possible, doesn’t matter which type you play :exclamation:

otherwise the game would be broken

As @KilliN stated correct …

… just think about which Arena Shop Bonuses you take first :exclamation:

Maybe (:laughing:) I had the best decision about :exclamation:



You won for 3 weeks with heat because:

  1. Most people didn´t know what to do, they was more lost than Tarzan in New York.

  2. The only strong energy that was in that moment (rising) was in your clan, you didn´t have to face it.

  3. Those who are now strong phys, at that time were invisible.

And … your comment has proved me right. You have played (and won stars) with heats, therefore you know how to play with heats. And you have the items to build them. Therefore, it remains an unknown to me why you don´t play with heat.


No, you are wrong about, I started with physical, because it made most sense about Arena Shop Bonuses, even Physical has only one time 20%, but is the fastest to have.

Once all have all at 20% all is fine again, I just made the best possible decision :exclamation:

And now try to talk that also bad :exclamation:
Good Luck :exclamation:




And thx a lot for the compliment, my heart is for heat, and it isn’t hard to know how to play with a heat :exclamation:



I could be at 2000/2000 (3rd mech is a raid mech and changes every day) if I replaced Malice with Ultrabright, but that doesn’t seem wise. 999 and 1000 here.


you scared me for a second @lordgorgon
when i’ve read the second and third sentence, for a moment i thought that you were talking about SOMETHING ELSE…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

however it is a nice choise of words…:grin:


I’ll just let myself in


Feels good doesnt it…


Satisfying Also any tips apart from mything that Night Eagle for my Second?


Id need to see the stats and mod set up.
Plize proceed to pm.


@lordgorgon once you are done giving advices care for a battle?


Immediate smile poped. Absolutely mate. Meet me in global in 2 mins. Whats your ign again?
Ill represent france and youll represent belgium


Lmao thats not fair…Thats like versing USA vs Germany…we cant base this off the teams XD

Thats because, Unlike in your terms, Belgium is better than france :smiling_imp:


Ign? 20ingame20names




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