Very special club here


So today, as always, i was atempting to tune my line up. Had some problems with heaters since some time, so i tried out some stuffs.

And man, i achieved something very self satisfiying; its been long time that i didnt have such sense of achievment in the game.

So here is the 3000kgs club.
To my knowledge, @Rovolution is also there.

Sorry for bothering, but i felt like sharing.

Cheers you all.


Stop flexing on me gorgon, one day I will make your proud 1k kg builds into 0 kg :smiling_imp:


I only have one… but it’s my WIP mech so it may change.

While I’m here… could you judge this phys/energy counter? :grin:


Congratulation on that :exclamation:


Seems I will never be able to join that special Club …

994 kg
991 kg
995 kg
996 kg
993 kg

… my 5 mechs :exclamation:


All my mechs are on diet :exclamation:



I dont have much expertise on this field.
Might want @Rovolution to give some insights; s’il vous plait cher ami.
But i ld say (for bwing on the receiving end of these, that considering desolation & magma, rhis much energy might not be necessary.
Think about @Wepwawet’s heater. This thing runs energy free and is OP vs all type. Beautifull build.
Shed talk about it beter than me, but its a dual deso dual magma build. Magma doesnt come in easy but deso does.
Module wise its probably 1 heat engine, 2 mass cooling and as much plates as possible. No energy mods.
Hers is with plats and res mods, making it very competitive in high ranks.
Withoup prmiums i still advice epic phys mod and the rest in iron plates. You can pull a 2050 something hp with 50 phys res (epic multi isnt worth using but rhe phys one is).


I have no words Besty.


Haha … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: … 5th is in process about boosting, but my real plan is 6 mechs for Arena, you need to be flexible nowadays :exclamation:


But unfortunately I need 1 Mech spot for the Raid … should I ask devs for a 7th Mech spot :interrobang:



And none of them at 1000kgs? :sunglasses:




These might help…



My “ new” line up tweaked for this week


Dude- have you ever used the mech simulator thing to see how good your builds would be if you had platinum platings? 54


Mine is always 995kg.
Kick me daddy


I just add 200 hp to it :wink:


The heat are dead !! Actually having a heat is crap.

Mine works because it has 3 platinum … but it works more or less! vs. energies it usually loses and gets a little complicated with phys with a lot of HP.

I still have heat because I like it and since I play for pleasure and not for stars, then I play with what I want.

But who wants to build a heat to win a lot … only if have many platinum and still …

The strongest mech is still the energy! I haven´t any doubt. As for the phys, it’s better than heat, but the same as I said before, only if you have platinum. Any phys with less than 2500 HP is very risky.


They look beautiful … but from heat to heat (and believe me I’ve tried everything …), the first, with 1800 HP is very weak, despite the resistance. The second one is a little better, but I’ve already had that model and it’s very difficult vs. energies

The third is relatively good vs. phys and vs. heat, but it doesn´t work for energies.

In short … I know what it feels like … it’s a shame that they have spoiled the heat so much!

PS. Let’s agree that there are 3 energies that can easily win my heats: Taedium, Jake and O-O. The first 2 are in your clan, maybe that’s why you have not noticed …


We all believe that :exclamation:


And no, Heat is not dead, please try to stay objective, all 3 types work different …

  • everybody (Heat, Energy, Physical) can beat everybody = balance

  • you can’t win all (even I cannot), nobody can

  • I see a well mix of all types in the Arena, doesnt matter if Top10 or Top50

… so you need to see, that it is not only about you, losing sometimes, we all do lose, but it is about to win most possible, nobody can win all :exclamation:

If a type of mechs or a single player could win ALL … then the game would be broken :exclamation:

As it is now, all is fine and balanced :exclamation:




I belive in heat god.


1 - 1000 kg
2 - 996 kg
3 - 997 kg

I think i’m not joining this club soon.


Did…i…did i joined in?