Very mad about the new special quest


So i logged in on supermechs and i saw the new special quest “win 50 battles” for a “transform relic” i didn’t know what it was and i looked on the forum and it said its an item that upgrades a legendary straight to a mythical. So after 1 hour of batteling i got it and its only good for 1/5 slots to upgrade a legendary to a mythical. WTF??? Its not worth it at all. Either it should upgrade a legendary straight to mythical for like 150.000 SM coins or it should be filling like 3/5 or 4/5 slots.


actually its worth it because it takes a really long time to get one legendary to lvl 40 and also you need to find a weapon that can go to a legendary and be a weapon that you dont want to use.

I think its fair


I don’t think so. They should have made it 25 arena battles


I’m smurfing after season…


I agree. Making a legendary from an epic is pretty easy, while 50 battles is stressful and difficult. I’m not even trying to earn this one.


to easy, people would get mythicals faster and you would not need to buy boxes anymore to get a legendary. because saving up for a box would take longer than getting 25 wins


How much faster? This is only single-use offer. It only makes things cheaper.


oh i thought this was a everyday/week thing.


And this is why you should check out the recent post that i made


Why on earth would you go lvl 40 with a legendary item that you’re gonna use for transforming?

Sorry, but I made 3 legendaries just this morning, cost me like 600k with all fusion material bought in silver boxes.

So this relic is not worth the effort.


funny stuff , this special quest has been released before , but the last winning arena special quest gave us a prenium pack , for this time , i guess one prenium pack full of purple poop is too generous and luxury to be given for free now


Last quest on 50 battles have a prem pack… and now they give not soo useful relic(cràp)


Got this rank while grinding for 50




And done.