Very brilliant idea. plz vote


ok lads, so i was thinking a bunch about what changes can be done to make BD better for everyone and have come to this one genius idea. make @Malicewolf admin. he’s the most capable lad that’s not an admin yet. that way he could have some super cool world with voted-upon rules like how f5 was (we rly need 2-man and 3-man worlds. even if they custom) how do you feel about this suggestion and should it be implement in the next update?

  • yes plz… we need admin Josh
  • we need admin Josh NOW
  • give us admin Josh. or we riot//

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i dont like how divided the community is on this issues. vote the one that has “riot” in it. we all need to stand together


Why are there 3 yes options and 0 no options? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


only one of those options has the word “yes” in it. please stop trolling. that’s disruptive of democracy at work. this is a place for people to vote for what they truly believe


Yeah fire Joe and get this guy to come in plz x d x d.


@Alexander i think its settled. give him admin. thanks, love


But he dosnt want to be admin ??


This stuff is not up to vote, jokingly or not.

The first of the admins I intend to hire is already in talks anyway, sorry.