Very big bug with imaginary update

Hi, sorry for my english i’m french.
Since this morning, i can’t play to the game because it need an imaginary update… I send the screenshot for you see the problem.
What is the solution ?

I am not sure about what I’m about to say.

But try uninstalling and installing the game.

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have you tried… ya know, doing what it says and going to the play store and updating the app?


It means you need to update your app.
Go to the Play Store and update.
Then you will be able to play.
Good luck!


I don’t have any update… Is the problem… And my Google play version is update.

Occasionally updates like to hide themselves on google play :confused:

Try killing the google store app and then reopening it?

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I try many time, and i have uninstall and install the game 3 times… I have put out my phone and relight him but i don’t have the update…


It might be because your device was part of a small group that was selected by google to receive the update later than other devices. I made sure that all devices get the latest version. The update should appear in your play store within a few hours.

Our apologies for the inconvenience,