Version 3400 is LIVE - New Arena!


A NEW version is live on Andriod and Web (still waiting for approval from iOS).

  • Check out the new Arena!
  • Resigned Modules
  • Improved Matchmaking
  • Legacy Converter! - Convert all items of the selected tier into power kits. If an item is equipped to your Mech it will NOT be converted.

Make sure if you are playing on a mobile device that you upgrade to the latest version!

Have a Super Mechs Day!


You should also add the high score number / matchmaking level to the inspect mech window. Or let ppl see them in replays.

Its all good and everything… but now I have over 10 million powerpoints in like 800 powerkits but I cant use them because I have no gold. I need 159 000 gold to fuse one legendary to the max and 526 000 to max a myth.
So I have powersupply for years but goldsupply for a day. Thats cool.

And because of the inventory limit I won’t be able to open more boxes so I’ll be stuck with the useless items I already have and of course I can’t fuse them and make some room by destroying power kits ( fuse 100 powerkit into 1 weapon) because there is a huge waste if you wanna fuse a fused item into another item… ( a full fused legendary is like 22 000 power after you fused 200 000 into it… or something like that)
Like Fluxeon said it before… you should solve this.


Matchmaking is a bit better with Version 3400 but…
Reintroducing epic drops from bigboy would go a long way to help fix matchmaking (by making people more powerful). As it is now even people in the top 50 still quit…
The problem with matchmaking still is that there are maybe 15 or 20 well fused mythic mechs in the game. Right now I am 3rd on the season rankings so I get matched with people in the very top ranks looks like between #1 - #150? You guys did this because if the top 10 only got matches from the top 10 we would never have a match and we could never get enough wins/kills/losses to maintain top 10 standing. So unfortunately I see no way to fix matchmaking other than time and people becoming stronger with it. As it is now it will take a very long time for people that don’t or can’t spend tons of cash to catch up, so matchmaking will be broke a very long time as well.

@Sarah247 what about chance to get module, it looks like 0.1%
Im opened 30 premium boxes and get 0 epic or legendary modules.

Hi @Sarah247
I am #3 this season so far, and it takes forever to get a match now. I figure this is because matchmaking no longer goes by rank but by season high score. It seems like for rank 3 my matches range between 1 - 300? The problem is for some reason even 1v1 takes forever to get a match now. I restart and refresh my browser to try to fix it to no avail.
Just letting you know about it.
Thank you.

that is happening to me too