Version 10.4 wait! We were not in version 10.3 !?


As the name of the theme says we are in version 10.4 but yesterday we were in version 10.3 but they changed to something new? for the moment I do not have the most idea that I change with this new version someone can tell me :confused:


I don’t know either…

Maybe even worst droprate ? It’s the only thing I noticed today ^^


Well then you have to go with our friend and neighbor man @Elcent something that you can clarify in this topic something new that was implemented in this update?


I asked him, he don’t know…


Ah then we’ll have to do the old-fashioned investigate on our own or let someone know they changed with the update :confused:


I noticed that they have changed the font


Well they changed the source now we have to investigate more we have to see what things changedIt would be good to see that they increased the probality of getting epic and legendary but that we only see in our dreams


Computer game this can only be seen on a cell phone but implemented on a somewhat new computer


I have noticed the font, annd when you are upgrading it no longer tells you what effect it will have (ie +1 heat dmg or whatever) you just upgrade and see what happens. Theyre probably hiding it to cover another future nerf of something.

Oh, and drop rates. I burned a full tank of 60 fuel today and got 4 drops on the last zone on insane.


That upgrading thing, I’ve noticed a while before this, it showed points earned for some levels. But then other levels where I’d just think is filler levels (ie empty ones), it’d give a point towards max damage. I doubt it’s for the reason you mentioned. I still also see points being added.

Rest of your points are valid as ■■■■ with these shitty updates.


Versions aren’t only based on things the players can see, most of the updates are to fix issues, optimize the server and other hidden things we don’t have to know.


btw, update includes another nerfed stats for The Dry Lands enemies. They somehow “lowered” the dmg stats. :upside_down:


lowered damage (v. 10.3: Dmg is around 139-199, based on my stats)

comparing to this one:


Nope, seems to be a new edition. Kinda seems pointless imo, but ay cheaper boxes over all I guess





Edit: See what you did?


what’s wrong??! hey?

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Nice going…


If you post it they will come…:slight_smile:


6500 sounds like a fair fixed price for silver boxes. I remember the price was actually a fixed rate in beta - the increase per box bought was implemented later, much to the dismay of…well practically everyone.


Exactly, give us our fixed price box back.