Venting..its an issue

i have been depressed…stressed…having anxiety is no good… im being suicidal , trying to kill my self to end everything , and if i did , none would notice…nobody cares about me…even my family said “nobody loves you”…

i have a loved one , yes . But shes far away from me… She tries to cheer me up everytime…and im thanfull for having her with me , she understands me and i understand her , thinking that ive met someone who im related to and wanting to spend my time with her…if this relationship is going to crash , i wont stand it…i had too much…i want to die…


Sometimes I’m suicidal because of my grades and school, but It’s only my first year of high school, I have a lot left to go through.

If you are suicidal because of your relationship (breaking up), ■■■■ that, who tells you what to do, what is that girl to you? Move on. If your family thinks you are a failure, SHOW them that you are worthy of being their son. Get a decent job, ■■■■ 20 girls a day (something I would do), live in a mansion, don’t stop pursuing your dream.

In the future I might buy myself an anime bodypillow and people will look down on me but I DON’T CARE. As long as my salary is high and my dick gets sore from fucking, I am a god of my own universe.


self-diagnosed depressions usually aren’t real btw, get a doctors appointment if you’re sure and he’ll give you a bottle of pills or something.


I got that doctor diagnosis shit and i knew i had it before then. Pills dont help. They actually make it worse in the long run and you become dependant on them and end up being more deppressed than usual if you dont get them.


Three months ago my best friend got dumped by his psychopath girlfriend and he was sure his life was over and he was telling me he wanted to kill himself. He wouldn’t listen to anyone telling him she was wrong for him. Now that he is free of her influence he’s fine again. If you are feeling this depressed, maybe the relationship isn’t actually helping you as much as you think. Love yourself first and then a good relationship will happen.

Anyways I really hope you feel better. Recently when I was feeling really down and didn’t want to talk to my wife about it, I found this website which is free to chat with therapists.


gotta agree with my bud Dubi on that. you will be miserable if your life depends on someone or something else. learn to love yourself and everything else will be so much easier.

i’m a miserable cunt. i’m a 23-year old virgin. never even got a hug from a girl im not related to. i am unable to even talk to girls i find attractive. im ugly, i’m poor. i hate my life and my job. the only thing that helps me cope is video games, but that hinders other things i want to do because i constantly think about games and am addicted to them. That in itself is a big problem. I’ve had self-worth issues and hated the way i look and my personality. but after changing my attitude and putting myself above everyone else, things changed. i still cant get a girlfriend because i’m an arrogant prick and all women are mere mortal thots while i’m a god. but at least i wake up happy because every morning i realize just how much better than everyone else i am. also, i’m the greatest.


start playing battledawn and u will forget about your real life or any issues related to it.


Hell the fuckin’ lol what is this

Nice one lol



wowza. I’m a highschooler fucked up by puberty.

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If you’re under 25 if means your brains still developing. Don’t worry, once you reach adulthood you’ll be fine. You won’t feel worthless in society even though you probably are, and life will get better.

#Heck, who knows, maybe it’s just a stupid phase, maybe you’re actually interested in stamp collecting, maybe that new album from Taylor Swift doesn’t suck that much, but DON’T WORRY. It’ll be all right :blush:


You guys are still young kids, you might be down in the dumps but you’re probably not actually depressed unless you’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression and are going out of your way to try and kill yourself, which really isn’t a good idea tbh.

You guys haven’t experienced life at all yet, I’m 20 and I’ve barely seen the outside world myself. We humans have pretty short lifespans so we need to be able to get the things we want to do done before our time runs out on this Earth. There’s a lot of adventuring to be done, lots of cool sites to see, and a lot of fun things to do.

Relying on others to make you feel happy or feel worth is the wrong answer, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. You need to accomplish whatever you need or want to do in life, set your own goals, hold yourself to a higher standard of excellence than the average person.

School is very easy, I regret wasting my time playing Battle Dawn, it caused my GPA to plummet heavily, resulting in me not being able to go to a very nice university right off the bat. I consider myself to be fairly smart too, I used to be an honor student, my problem was that I stopped caring about school and lacked motivation or the will to do the right thing. I’m still trying to fix what I messed up now that I’m 20. I’m in the Army now and I can tell you that the real world is stupidly easy, standards are very low and you have lots of free time to complete your assignments. Time management is essential, do your work, finish it, then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.

If you want to get ahead of the curve you need to be better than others, academically, athletically, you need to be morally superior than others too. If you do this you’re going to be the guy that lands that nice scholarship to your dream university, you’ll be the guy that lands the nice job, people will know not to mess with you and they’ll take you seriously.

If you work hard while you’re young it will pay off early on, you could be the guy who retires at the age of 40 with more money than you know what to do with in your bank account and a nice home, car, family, and the ability to pursue any hobbies or interests you have.

I took my old life for granted. If I had the ability to go to college right now I’d crush everyone with my current work ethic.


I like the character development in that story of yours.


Well, it’s a dynamic character that progresses and evolves throughout the story. There is a step after the end of the story that i didnt mention but you can understand what it is by looking under my name on this forum