Various thoughts about Various servers


Earth 1 ticker : Slow and steady (and stabbing at the right time) wins u the race.
Earth 2 ticker : Are we fighting HINI again this era??
Earth 3 ticker : Which kids won this last era ??

Fantasy 1 ticker : We just need 2 active players to win this dont we.
Fantasy 2 ticker : Keep looking for iceman in incognito mode.
Fantasy 3 ticker : Lets bully 4E and POB even if they are JW.

Mars 1 ticker : whats the point of this server again ??
Mars 2 ticker : its not the same without CME
Mars 3 ticker : oh wait there is nothing such thing (Keep dreaming Trajic)

Just a few thoughts that come to me when i plant on these servers , share ur thoughts pls :stuck_out_tongue:


Earth 5 - is this admin alive?


Galaxy? who the hell plays that?


Earth 1: Where friendships are destroyed
Earth 2: Noobs everywhere
Earth 3: No sleep for a month
Earth 5: Who has the most people planted?

Fantasy 1: Free Medals
Fantasy 2: Slightly harder free medals
Fantasy 3: I do enjoy being gang banged

Mars 1: Best Memories
Mars 2: F*ck PSI

Just some of my thoughts about each server