Various ideas for Supermechs (Items, Classes, Music, Functions, Rework of shop Etc...)


Before I begin, I have been playing SM over the course of almost 3 years now (Stopped playing for a while when Torsos stopped giving extra action points). Over these years I have had and gathered a lot of ideas for what could make this more game more interesting, some of these ideas also come from other players which I will credit them. Sorry if I use your idea and forget to give you credit (its mainly because there are so many ideas out there that I am unaware of)

I will begin with the classes, there are three main classes and two subtypes for each class, they are Physical, Heat, and Energy with the subclasses Light and Heavy (Credit to Forums User: 25352).The most distinguishing feature of these classes is that they can only use Physical, Heat, or Energy weapons (and Shields) according to what type of damage those weapons deal. For example, a Physical Mech could use a Blaster since it deals physical damage but cannot use energy drain since it deals damage that isn’t inside of its class. You might be thinking, “But X class has overpowered weapons!, this idea would never work!”. Keep reading this and I’ll explain how it could work. As for a solution, these following various measures could be implemented.

A Physical mecha would have an overall boost in total Hit Points (15%), a boost in Physical damage dealt (10%), a slight resistance to Physical and other class attacks (3 Heat Resistance, 6 Phy Resistance, and 3 Energy Resistance unless modified by a torso), and a 15 bullet storage (stacks with any bullet storage that the torso may have and has weighs nothing) along with the usage of bullets (meaning that this class cannot use rockets, only bullets) and both types of shields

A Heat mecha would have an overall boost in Max Heat and Cooling (Torso base Max Heat + 25 and Torso base Cooling + 10), a bonus for a two action point cooling (if you are forced into a cooldown for 2 action points in a row, you gain a bonus 15% extra Heat Cooldown), a slight resistance to Heat and other class attacks (5 Heat Resistance, 4 Physical Resistance, and 1 Energy Resistance unless modified by a torso), and a 15 rocket storage (stacks with any rocket storages that the torso may have and weighs nothing) along with the usage of rockets (meaning that this class cannot use bullets) and Heat Shields

A Energy mecha would have an overall boost in Max Energy and Energy Regeneration (Torso base Max Energy + 25 and Torso base Energy Regeneration + 10), a bonus for “Red-lining” Energy Regeneration (Basically if your Energy Points are 0 and you do nothing (cooldown) for both action points you gain a bonus 15% extra Energy Regeneration), a slight resistance to Energy and other class attacks (1 Heat Resistance, 4 Physical Resistance, and 5 Energy Resistance unless modified by a torso), and has the usage of rockets, bullets, and energy shields

Next are the subclasses, when you choose your main class you are then prompted to choose either to be a Heavy or Light Mecha. Each has their respective bonuses and not-so-bonus-y features.

Heavy Subclass: Can’t take more than 1 Knockback at a time and can’t move more than one title at a time or jump over mechs, teleportation takes more effort making the energy cost 1.5~2.0x depending on the amount of damage your teleport does, Heat generated from Charge is increased (Regular heat generated from that charge + 10 Heat for each title traveled), damage from the charge is increased by 25%, Teleport, Grappling Hook, and Charge can only be used once (if the item allows for a second use, instead it gains a 50% damage bonus for the first use), each level up (since supposedly the admins are adding a higher level cap) gives you +3 Max Weight, and you get a 15% bonus to total Hit Points with five extra resistance. This makes transportation a challenge but has rewards for people who are willing to deal with it.

Light Subclass: 900 Max Weight limit, Charge deals 25% less damage, Grappling Hooks have infinite range, Teleports can be used if you have no energy (Energy cost of the teleport x 3 converted into Heat instead), all Legs equipped can jump one title, title movement is increased by one (if a Leg item can move 2 titles, instead it can move 3 titles), 15 Bullet and Rocket storage (storage doesn’t apply if your class can’t use that ammunition), 10% bonus to Cooldown and Energy Regen, and 15% bonus damage to all classes. Has a little more agility than our previous subclass, comes with a lesser Max Weight but also has increased damage and ammunition storage.

Anyways back to wrapping this all together, with rocket and bullet restrictions, class/subclasses buffs, and if you keep reading the mythical tier of Heat and Energy Shields (explained later), I will take the liberty (it’s 4th of July :3) to say these for the most part balance each other out. If you disagree at the end of reading this post please write some feedback I will make changes accordingly.

Next I will go into Items, for rebalancing Mythical Items:
Metal Shredder I & II would be reworked into Gauss Rifle Mark I and II
85/95 Physical Damage, 4/5 Physical Resistance Drain, 20/25 Heat Generation, 55/60 Weight, Side Weapon
Lavaspray I and II (Nerf): 2/3 Heat Resistance drain, 35-45/38-48 Heat Damage, all other stats are fine
Steel Barricade (Nerf): 105-115 Physical Damage
Armor Breaker I and II (Nerf and Buff): 85-115/90-120 Physical Damage, 9/10 Physical Resistance Drain, other stats are fine

For the additions to the Mythical Items, the Shields are especially important since Heat mecha can only use their type of shield (same for Energy mecha). Each new shield has a unique stat which makes both classes have their own allure.
Reflection Shield (Energy Class): Maximum of 30% of Damage Blocked, Reflects 40% of taken Damage to opponent, damage caps at 75 Hit Points per turn. 2 Points of Damage per Energy used, 52 Weight.
Heavy Shield (Heat Class): Maximum of 60% of Damage Blocked, 2 Points of Damage per Heat generated. 82 Weight
Negation Shield (Energy Class): Maximum of 10% of Damage Blocked 1 Points of Damage per Energy used, generates and uses 100 Heat and Energy when activated for the first time, 50 Heat and Energy cost for each extra activation, negates all basic Damage from all classes at no cost (Stomps, Teleports, Grappling Hooks, Charges, all damage from common, rare weapons), 65 weight
Stasis Rifle Mark I and II (Energy Class): 35-50/38-52 Energy Damage, 1 Use, 20/22 Energy Drain 40/44 Energy Consumption, 3/4 Energy Resistance Drain, Immobilizes opponent for 4/6 total action points, 2 Range
Sniper Scope (Drone): 75 Physical Damage, 10 Bullet consumption, 22 Heat Generated, 3-9 Range
I’m going to timewarp to items for a few seconds so that this can all come together. These will be the following stats for non-mythical shields:

For reference here are the revised common~legendary shields stats (couldn’t find a better place to put them):
Shield I: Maximum of 10% of Damage blocked: 4 Points of Damage per Heat/Energy, 6 Weight
Shield II Maximum of 15% of Damage blocked: 3 Points of Damage per Heat/Energy, 10 Weight
Shield III: Maximum of 20% of Damage blocked: 3 Points of Damage per Heat/Energy, 14 Weight
Shield IV: Maximum of 25% of Damage blocked: 2 Points of Damage per Heat/Energy, 20 Weight
Shield V: Maximum of 30% of Damage blocked: 2 Points of Damage per Heat/Energy, 26 Weight
Shield VI: Maximum of 35% of Damage Blocked: 2 Points of Damage Per Heat/Energy: 34 Weight
Shield VII: Maximum of 40% of Damage Blocked: 1 Points of Damage Per Heat/Energy: 42 Weight

That’s all for Items, next is a relatively minor topic: Music
This was brought to my attention when I was redoing all the campaign missions on Hard and Insane, I think that each territory boss should have a different theme than the normal music when fighting to give it a more of a “boss/final boss” feel. Also in PvP you should be able to chose (from the already small selection) of tracks to play.

That is all I had in mind for music, next is the general everyday functions in SM and how they could be improved. I would suggest adding a training zone that you can chose what mech you want to fight (you can set the variables against you), another suggestion is that when you are matched against another player in PvP ranked, you can see their basic stats like total EXP of that player, mecha Hit Points and resistances, and their guild name (if they have one), next is the SM coin reward for being the top player in ranked, if I’m correct it’s 100,000 SM and a mythical item or 2 power kits, I think that buffing this value to 1 Million SM with one 3x Mythical Box would make things more interesting and competitive for players, also adding some sort of trading function into the game overseen by a authority figure such as an admin would be helpful, a premium account should give a small discount for boxes purchased (10~20%?), and lastly a boost to SM from daily missions would be nice considering you get less than 20k from doing them (maybe 5k-10k SM per mission?).

Lastly comes the Rework of the Shop (it needs an overhaul really badly >.<)
Adding purchasing of lower level item boxes would be sweet to improve weight usage efficacy, adding colors kits back and adding color kit removers in case you accidently used the wrong color kit, add multiple item box purchasing opening options when doing so, add the feature of selling items from boxes to SM coins and tokens (Common = 1,000 SM, Rare = 5,000 SM, Epic = 10,000 SM or 1 Token, Legendary = 20,000 SM or 5 tokens, Mythical = 500,000 SM or 50 Tokens), adding back the old shop is my ideal complete overhaul but is unlikely for some unknown reason, and lastly, adding vouchers for premium boxes for a Ranked win streak, campaign victory, or randomly choosing a player would encourage more players to participate in those events.

This concludes a large portion of my ideas for SM, please note that all values in here are subjected to change via your feedback that you give me, post here and I will make changes accordingly. Also there are most likely a decent lot of spelling errors since English is not my best tongue and I wrote this kinda quickly.
If you want to contact me you can find me in top ranks chat :smile: IGN: FullMetal
Thanks for your time~! Please give constructive feedback and make sure to vote on the poll below!

Just for fun, number of times revised: 2

Please rate (1-10, 10 being the highest) how well you think these ideas would work.

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there is a large amount of ideas, probably would be better to break it into several topics, to make it more simple viewing, rating and discussing each part of it (yep large text will be slow to get any valuable replies)

what cal I say? I don’t now have a lot of throghts about every single part of this large text (maybe after some thinking outside of forum), however, some parts cause reaction.

first, I am glad that my idea of heavy/light mech sublclasses is liked by someone. I think this implementation (max weight is priced not by action points per turn, but by other means) is good idea, too.

can’t say the same about 3 classes (imo more correct word here is “specialization”). I don’t like idea of limiting mech construction to specific template (which is vaguely followed by all good players already, but which is more strict than players would want). Don’t forget, SuperMechs is a game about creativity, not “follow this template or be dominated by anyone who did follow this template”, looks like you didn’t even consider latter option here :frowning: Players should be able to customise their mech as much as they want, and if you reward those who throws away customisation in order to get class benefits…

I also look at your basic shields list. While I like shields, I also note that this shields are obviously too resilent. Important part of playing with shield is controlling your opponent’s damage dealing, so at no given moment they deals more damage than your shield can withstand. If your shield never, ever falls under enemy attacks, it is either low% (not that useful) and/or supported by sufficent resources (energy/regen/heat/cooling) - which will cost you something else. If it never falls, does not require much supplementation and have high %, it is obviously overpowered. Basic shield higher than 20% should not have a rate better than 1:1.

Non-basic shields are ones from your “additions to the Mythical Items” list: lets see this list
"Reflection shield": honestly, it will be too unrealistic if numerous tiny explosions from long-range missiles are somehow reflected back. So not sure it will be ever added,
“Heavy shield” is just plain high% shield. Again, too good rate. And it probably should weight even more.

“Negation shield”: I don’t like playing with chances in myphical description. Things like random crits are for low-level plays with horde of newbie players who just need a fighting chance against stronger opponents; for serious high-level plays, please do consistent and reliable effects. However, negation effect itself is pretty cool. Probably it should “black hole shield” which negates ALL non-stomp enemy attacks, but requires energy AND heat to operate each turn, with cost doubling for each turn of consecutive using - and it won’t disable by itself, so if you don’t disable it manually in time you will overheat for infinity while opponent stomps you to death. Or something like that - super effective, but very costly and probably risky

“Stasis Rifle”: imo stasis is turn skipping, but immobilising effect should fit in game really good. Currently mechs with powerful close-range weaponry can easily close the distance as much as they want, preventing this will be important to longer-range mechs.
“Sniper Scope”: what matters is idea of drone with limited range. Currently drones are very effective because of reliability; replacing drone with simething slightly less reliable but slightly more powerful is another tool for mech creation.

"next is a relatively minor topic: Music"
it is actually more important than you might think. Good music will make battles more interesting and will add the game more colors.

well thats all I will write for now. Base ideas are mostly good but vision of what paths players have to follow and how items must work are not. 5/10


I started to read the first paragraph then I discovered that there ks like 10 more paragraphs -.-

Anyways, it would be better if you separated your ideas :slight_smile:


Yeah, and there should be a TL;DR :stuck_out_tongue:


Underwent revisions, please update your feedback~! :smiley:

Reply to Forum User 25352:
Thanks for your valuable feedback! It is much needed and appreciated. I have a few notes about your feedback on the shield ideas. Currently in SM, any shield above 40% is extremely hard to maintain and you basically have to focus a large amount of weight to buff your Regen/Cooling with expensive Mythical Items. If shields were more used, items with ammunition or limited uses would be less used to avoid running out of uses/ammo solving multiple cancers with one change. Reflection shield, I was going for a long shot on that one, for nerfing this im thinking about adding a damage cap (50ish). Heavy Shield’s weight is going to go up. I personally love the idea of negating all basic attacks at high cost but that means you would have to have a specific mecha just made for fighting against it. Stasis Rifle and Sniper Scope, I created those two to counter each other, Stasis Rifle has 2 range while Sniper Scope has 3-9 Range w/ high dmg.

Replying to Forum User: MochaLust:
Currently ATM making things easier to read and review

Replying to Forum User: DobyPeti:
Har har very funny.


you don’t really know how to make a reply, right?

I would like to reply your last reply, unfortunately it is really hard to read it, due to lack of breaking into clearly different parts;

press “enter” twice after each sub-topic, and also insert empty quote with user’s name before repying to that user, so its easy to see whom this sub-topics are sent to.

Don’t forget you can edit your posts.


Some of your ideas are good but some are useless and …


If you could please could you state which items are good and what needs changing?
Thanks a lot~!


really? you need “which items are good”? hm probably I could try and describe

tl;dr: I started to write abt items and ended in essay abt reason why some items are weak or strong…

shields are currently imbalanced. Problem behind them that while damage and resources grow mainly linearly, and HP grows somewhat slower imo (to be compensated by better shields), shields consumption, if you do get “better” shield, will grow cubically - because weapons damage increases, percentage of that weapon damage blocked by shield increases, and cost of each point damage blocked increases too. If they made all shields consume same amount of energy or heat per damage blocked (say, same as for 25% shields) this would be at least more fair, as improving shield would make you to improve resources linearry if you stay on same level and quadratically if you improve shields along with everything else. Still, now you can use shields but no stronger than 35% (and I only recommend 30 or 35% on diamond shell w repair drone and pushing weaponry combo), and if you enable 15% energy shield at start of the fight against non-energy mech you will just get some effective hp at cost of one turn.

drones currently a must-have. Either damage, heating, energy-drain. or repair each turn are so powerful, if someone does not use drone he will never ascend to skull ranks. Would be nice to see something to counter drone power. Like, flak cannons that can shut it down. Probably would be nice if really huuuge energy drain would disable the drone, this would make people a reason to actually have slightly more max energy (which is mainly dump stat) to at least dont have drone disabled.

other myphical specials are VERY strong. Since they allow you to be easily really close to opponent closing distance up to 6 total times, LavaSpray and ColdFire are somewhat overpowered, as well as myphical melee weapons are. Charge isn’t that bad due to closing distance to 2 not 1, but teleport is universal and strong, and hooks are just strong, allowing you to easily melee everything that could otherwise move. Making 2-use specials was a mistake

many myphical weaponry is powerful. Explosive weapons tend to heat more than PvE mech would ever cool down, energy mechs leave you without energy (cuz energy is otherwise dump stat, cuz many myphicals dont use energy or use very little and energy shields are weak), physical weapons… well they aren’t THAT stronger, still several limited-use versions of them they can smash your mech in 2-3 turns without drone if you are unprepared. Most notable are Metal Shredders, Electric Storm and Devastation Swarm which are waaaay more powerful than even other myphicals.

myphical legs are strong, due to almost-unique ability to move for 3 tiles (one legs that also allow that have level less than 15 and is epic). 3 of them allow only 2-move but they have really good stomp. 3 movement in field where are only 10 tiles is really important and, in higher-levels, must-have


Bad ideas

Thats way too less
I have 400,000,000+ SM coins I can buy soo many Myths if that is implemented

Good ideas

[quote=“Cyborg, post:1, topic:2471”]
rebalancing Mythical Items
[/quote] Just Words

Ideas which I find weird

Negates Damage from Specials and Common/Rare weapons ! Are you insane ?

Reflecting Damage :expressionless:


heat shield ; energy shields? well they block only phusical damage; why not shieds that block energy or heat damage itself


This is a bit interesting although what would be the cost of shields that block heat itself? would it be energy? and vice versa on the shield that blocks energy damage?


imo its better allow to regular energy shield block both hull damage and heat damage at same time. It will make sense. As well, heat shields should be able to block energy damage.