Vandal Rage Build Ideas

1: The mass pusher
This build includes a Zark, rolling beasts, two terror cries, a crimson Rapture, a vandal rage, and a desolation. If you have, change the two terror cries with dual magma blasts, or have one abomination. Dual Magma would make it energy free, besides the crimson Rapture, but you can take that out to have all three specials
2: The pull pusher
This build is similar to the previous, but has a few tweaks. We are going to use the rolling beasts and the night eagle you have saved from your physical meta build It will also have one vandal rage, I think a Windigo or Brutality, and one crimson rupture. If you have, use a prem range two push weapon, or use a terror cry. For no dead zone, have a heron mark and a terrorblade on.
Thats it for now! Do you have any ideas?


Can i switch heronmark with a psyh sword?

any range two sword. Get the setup for the terrorblade

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