VAC sistem in super mechs

sistem that detects hacks (+tokens,coins,boxes,etc) if they still use hacks after 2 days, they will be banned.
hackers like Bruce Wayne SM will be banned and before you defend him/her, in the vid “valant sniper.mp4” when he was about to equip it he/she, for a split second pulled out the cheat engine.
S O D O N O T S A Y H E / S H E D I D N O T H A C K

Do show that thing about Brucy curious

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he used speed hacks , which are not banable lmfao

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nah, vac is shit.

how does he use speedhax in SM?
not an attack comment just curious

Not gonna say cause they will patch it.

but you can on different browsers

H E / S H E D I D N O T H A C K

Did you at least read the comments under the video? Gezz…

None of these got hacked. He used speed hack, which is not disallowed.

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VAC stands for Valve Anti Cheat lmao, it would be TAC

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Tactisoft’s Highly Insecure Counter Cheat


I would love both please.

To kill those raiders cheaters

What’s wrong with speeding up your game lol

The game’s time also speeds up so no problem

You sir are a genius

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thanks for telling me but i still do not understand how you can benefit from speedhax in SM?

thanks for the information

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Faster grinding.

Means that you can spend more fuel in less time

many thanks technodive


thanks for the meme and feedback

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