Using the forum as a prerequisite


It is well known that only a slight percentage of the playerbase using the forum regularly and even slighter percentage seldom, which means that the opinions and generally the reagation to the developers actions does not represent the true viewpoint of the real playerbase.
Therefore if the developers care about the feedback of the player base (not just the regular forum dwellers), they should make mandatory to register to the forum, as a prerequisite for playing.


That would probably just turn off new players, would seem like a lot of effort for something they don’t even care about yet. If I’m trying out a new game and it takes to long to get to the point with like a long text intro/tutorial for example I usually just click off. I imagine it would be the same for a lot of new sm players, especially if they are joining through Kong or another site with many games.

Possibly make an achievement for registering on the forum through a provided link or something.


you have a good point there
i hope the dev’s would consider it…


@PFAHLMANN Nice idea Konrad. I took the liberty of drafting a possible solution to this problem.
@Misfit I agree with you. Although a lot of people would just register and than never visit the forum again. To encourage participation admins should link forum database to game database and for each Like - heart: you get on forum you would get 1 token or some other in game reward.

Most players barely have time to play, yet alone follow the forum. I believe that the ratio of active players to active forum members is 20 to 1 if not higher (it should not be that hard for Admins to get the exact statistics from their database). This represents a huge potential for developers.

I believe that polls are a quick and useful tool. Game developers could add them to game.

  1. Each week there would be a simple multi choice 24 hour in game poll which would reward you with 10 Tokens if answered.

  2. Each week there are many polls on the forum and the one with the most engagement would be run in game.

Do you think Polls (in some form or another) should be added to game?

  • 1.) Yes
  • 2.) No
  • 3.) I do not care.
  • 4.) At the moment I do not have sufficient information about this topic.

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If you chose the 4th option. Please read the example at the bottom and than take the poll below:
Do you think Polls (in some form or another) should be added to game?

  • 1.) Yes
  • 2.) No
  • 3.) I do not care.
  • 4.) I still dont have sufficient information. I will follow this topic.

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3. Polls would be structured for maximum engagement:

  • 1st, 2nd, … choices would be concerning the subject Reward: 10 Tokens
  • Semi last choice: “I do not care” - This option would weed out the ones who are apathetic on the subject & would help achieve maximum accuracy of the poll. Reward: 10 Tokens
  • Last choice: “At the moment I do not have sufficient information about this topic” This option would try to get the player base more engaged. Upon clicking it you would be shown a forum (or some other) link to where you could gather more information on the subject. Reward: 5 Tokens (upon 1st vote). The players that would click this option would be the only ones that could vote on the post for a 2nd time. The idea here is that after they would chose this option they would spend some time on forum and than after 1 minute the poll would unlock for them and they could vote a 2nd time and receive a 7 Token reward. So in total they would get 2 more tokens - This is just an example amount, how much more tokens and how long the poll would be locked for them would be tweeked by game developers upon revision of the player engagement data.


@Mohadib, what do you think of this idea?

i think @JohnyMars worked it out extremly well…