Using pc account on phone

Guys does anyone know how to use a pc account for android. On andtoid it made me do tutorial but i didnt see anywhere to log in

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is it like a log in thing i dont get it


Go in options then accounts and log out


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Once you’ve done that press account in the garage, (Ya know that right?) Then you will see accounts and there are three choices there, Facebook, SuperMechs and Google, If you made a Account in Facebook you log in your FB Account there and if you made a SM account then press the Super Mechs option then type in your User and Pass and if you have a Google Account (Which is unlikely) You just need to log in using Google Play, Easy


There is usually a login screen for any game… did you happen to press new player when the game loaded?

Either way, go to settings, Account, the log out. You may have to complete the tutorial first.



i managed to log in after i installed it again my problem before was that when i launched the app it took me to the tutorial but when i installed it today i got the new player or log in option so that worked


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