Uselessness of BONUS

Greetings, Pilots!
So, this is just pure maths:

Regular legs allow me to boost my Eagle to 62,570 fusion points. Nice.

WTF? Ah, yes, it is a BONUS item, so as a bonus, the regular bonus item provides you with nearly 200 fusion points LESS than the regular item. I say, a very nice BONUS, indeed!

What is the general point of bonus items? They count into the item limit, they cost fusion, and they PROVIDE LESS FUSION THAN REGULAR ITEMS OF THE SAME LEVEL!!! Can anyone explain this to me? @Sarah247, @Mohadib?


To be fair, in your example above the kit also costs less to fuse. There are two other reasons which I find are more of an issue with power kits:

  • The fact that they cannot be used to transform an item to the next level.
  • The fact that they take up inventory space.

Not really, Tin. The difference in cost is simply due to the difference in points. You pay for fusion points, not for “per item” of fusion items… So, it is still the same. If I paid less for THE SAME FUSION POINTS, then we could talk about BONUS. But here, nope.

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I got epic bonus item yesterday from premium box Anyway.
They should give free one mythical if pilot reach to 150 lvl. I believe Little generosity wouldn’t hurt the game. :relaxed:


Yes exactly, less fusion points = less cost. You’re mistaking the nomenclature - it’s not called bonus because it gives you more points, it’s bonus as in extra.

It has no business being included in the item limit. Also it should be an additional item from boxes, NOT having one item be replaced with it.


yeah Tin is right, it is like a gift, a generos offer by the RNG, that you got 3 items, instead of 2(sarcasm)

This I agree with - power kits should be an add on to whatever you get when you open a box. They are clearly inferior to other items in almost every regard, getting lumped with one instead of practically anything else is a let down. Bonus letdown if you’ve just opened a premium box to find a power kit in there…

Be thankful Metre. Thankful that RN Jesus gave you a power kit which clogs up inventory space and can’t be used to transform. Thankful that you have to use gold to fuse it. Thankful that it’s worthless if you intend to use it to store fusion…

internal screaming intensifies

let me add to that… ULTRACOOLING MODULE !!!For the win!

Honestly the more I think about it, the more I realise how masochistic loyal SM players (myself included) are…

Ultracooling Module failure…reactor meltdown initiated


Less points less gold xD ez

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Power Kits are almost as useless as complaining thinking the devs will listen.

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I pointed out that and more in this thread.

Yes. Both of these are agreeable. In the previous iteration we are almost always guaranteed that we’d get either two or three items per box (Depending on what box you are opening) PLUS that bonus power kit.

Nono …

  • NEVER a + for the players

  • ONLY + for tacticsoft

… just what they are doing right now !

So they create now a lot of angry players, I just read 2 average spenders ($) for a half hour in chat. Both have played this game for years and had safed a very good account UNTIL this update !

Result : I am not able to repeat 70% of the words I read this half hour, I would be ashamed if I repeat it !

All for tacticsoft, very very rare for the players = a lot of angry players !
Very much for tacticsoft, a lot for players = a lot of happy players !

They don’t want happy players ???

I can’t understand this - sorry, to high for me !


Let’s summarize:
New version the above elements are useless. only serve to merge, but you lose the upgrade that these articles have
in the big boy campaign gives 2 epic weapons, to make tokens free is possible supersonic gives 3 tokens, the high cost of the fusion generates problems

some days after…

time limit for inventory, now big boy only gives 1 single epic weapon, follow the high costs of merger, it becomes more difficult to obtain gold for the merger, there appear hackers of the past version which tactisoft can not eliminate them. supersonic continues to give 3T but in fewer opportunities.

days later…

the time limit is over, and still can not solve the problem because of the high costs of fusion, the boxes cost 75T but nothing comes out in the boxes you need to open many boxes to get with much luck, bigboy now does not give epic junk boxes that do not serve almost anything, now supersonic gives nothing does not serve does not work,

the question is:

What is objective?
Do you want the game to disappear?

if you know that many old players have abandoned the game
and that new players have no option of being competitive because of the difficulty of getting items, so what do you guys want? want to become a single payment game? pay to play without guarantees, they do not even make a gun guide all play blind, at the initiative of some have tried to do as a guide (they are doing their job) I think the tactisoft bet is that this game is over, I think are discouraging players, generating desertion and abandonment of the game, for new players it is impossible to achieve something and thus justify that the game is closed forever.

I invite ssundee, and other youtubers to evaluate this version, and give us your opinion about this game today, (ssundee already know in its previous version, see what will be your opinion today of all changes)


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UFCK ME, @ShadowOfDeath! You just said something that cast a totally new light on the things for me… I have never thought this way about what is going on with SuperMechs… But this would explain a lot… The fact that they did what they did to veterans, the fact that they do not respond to the fundamental topics posted in the forum, the fact that the support team is dead (I am waiting for Jess’s response for 2 weeks now, with no effect, but I will keep spamming support with e-mails on my official product purchase complaint)… Is it possible that they used SM as the source of financing BattleDown, with every possibility of a total collapse and eventually closing down the game just to raise as much money as possible and delegate all resources to BD afterwards??? OMG, just OMG…

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It was a certain declaration of pulling funds out of SM, to fund BD. @Wepwawet, knows this issue better.
There are alot of reasson to back up that theory,
the fact that evrything in the game cost a tremendous amount of money,
the fact that all the money the veterans have put in, were lost forever,
the fact that there exists certain items only opbtainable thru purchases of tokens,
the fact that gold is hard to obtain, and so are the items for fussion,
the fact that we have limited space, and costs for extra are exhorbitant
the fact that there is no way to obtain Tokens in a free way… the daily mission is a joke 10 tokens, and most of us alredy finished campaign, and 2 tokens for lvl up, can’t be actualy counted as a reward, 150 lvl = 300 tokens.
This all indicates purchases of tokens if you want to compete, in top 200, or an insane amount of grinding.
The list can go on and on and on and on.
But look on the bright side of things, if they close it, you will have alot of free time… pick up a new hobby, one that is healthy and rewarding.

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My friend, trust me I used to employ both tactics to be on top. And the funny thing is I am still willing to do it, if only someone told me that all this makes sense… Hovewer, I am adult and I know very well that no one will tell me that, and the more I think about my money invested in this game, the more I believe that anything I invest in the future, will be just one huge mistake… I am now consoled with what happened to my legacy account - sure, they could have done it better, but with my legacy items I build my black mech (it is black, hence the name :grin:), and it would be impossible without all that… But now I am on the verge of starting the second mech grind… And I just wonder if it makes sense at all, in general…

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