Useless to Max?

I just noticed something when I maxed an epic Savior Resistance Module…

When it was at level 28, all the stats were +16 to resistance…

When I maxed it at level 30, the stats did not change. I would not have maxed it had I noticed the stats did not change at all. It caps as an epic, so what is the point of maxing it out if by level 28 epic, it has reached its full stats?

Did you observe this in weapons/torsos/other modules, too?

Ya it happened to me too in the cooling module it also caped out on lvl 28 as an epic but i made it lvl 30 since it can go to legendary

at least your module can go to legendary… mine capped at epic… so, yeah… wasted gold and items on that one… geez.

Also watch out for some Torso, Feet, Weapons (NOT SURE ABOUT Module or Specials)
But when you Transform from say RARE to EPIC or EPIC to LEGENDARY or Legendary to Mythical some of the HP, ELE, HEAT may actually drop instead of increase after Transform, usually 2 to 4 points. I check to transform STATs before proceeding and that’s when I’ve seen the lower numbers.

wut?? O_O

I thought we transform to power them up…not lose a few points in certain areas…

Here is just one of many example I noted recently. Might just be a bug or not but in the screenshot notice the HP ( 294 - 292 )

Here is another that’s a bit worse effecting both HP and energy level

How do u check the stats before upgrading

You lvl up at 30 or 40, and when transform option becomes avalable, you can click on the future of thrbtransformation… and see how the myth/legendary looks like

Well that blows. :confused:

2 Hitpoints reduced for the additional exp dmg and heat dmg? I don’t know if that is good…

And brutality not only loses 4 HP, but also gets a reduction in energy… :expressionless:

Well… it’s at level 1 mythical, but still… it’s like a step backward instead of going forward, eh?