Useless thread-------

i have enough clan coins for a premium pack now

  • buy now
  • wait for l-m droprate event

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i already bought the pack now which was full of purple shit this topic is now useless bye


As far as I noticed the Shop for Premium Packs (with Clan Coins) is deactivated during L-M Events :exclamation:



This should be spam…


Edited title to actually mean something.


yes I can confirm :+1:

yes, it definitely belongs to spam you dipstick

Moved to spam by request I guess.

what request, and why

You said it should be spam, so congratulations.

i didn’t say that at all

[quote=“Wombat, post:6, topic:45552, full:true”] Definitely belongs to spam you dipstick
… you were saying?
Edit: Why TF is quote not working?

1, there’s a thing called sarcasm. 2, i said that after it was changed to spam

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well if you want an event L-M just fill your inventory buy it then dont use it till event…

It isnt available during the events

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you can still cheat the system tho

Details. I’m all for screwing TS. Oops did I say that outloud

You certainly did not, that text was music to my ears.

B r u h, Did thy just Necro? I shall be newsreporter #2227

it’s not useless thread if people comment on it smh

Tip: if a thread is a month old and has no significance it’s probably not a good idea to post on it