Useless myth items thread


The point of this thread is for the players to list all the unused, useless, trash mythical items that nobody uses, or maybe mythical items that were once good, but then are now so nerfed they cannot be used.
The purpose of this thread is that maybe the Devs will take notice of a couple of the most agreed upon useless items and balance them back into gameplay.
Please do not post anything else besides a suggested item or a debate on whether items should be classified as useless.
When bringing up an item, list its stats, and say and show why it is not useful.
Also, give some suggested stats for the more balanced version.
If we can bring up enough good points then maybe we can get some items to be brought up to balance, thus bringing in some new strategies.
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P.S, if you are debating about an item, that is fine, but ocne you are done debating and you have reached some sort of agreement, then please delete the comments to the thread still remains a majority of item suggestions.
@L4K3 help me get this thread moving a little bit


good idea
altough i don’t have enough mythicals to really contribute to this yet…


I will go first
The Energy and Heat swords. (Heronmark and Brightroar)
58 AM 21 AM
Heronmark max myth stats: 1-2 range, 144-232 ex damage, 58 heat damage, -7 explosive resitance/
Now, there are multiple things wrong with this weapon.
First: Damage 144-232 is so low for a max myth, with the supreme cannon maxed legendary, which has 3-6 range, having close to that amount of damage. With 50 heat resistance, you will be dealing usually around 140-150 damage. For a top player, that is a waste of a turn.
Now, maybe if this had some sort of high heat damage or shield drain, maybe it would be justified. But this is not the case. This weapon only does 58 damage. Once again, a miniscule amount compared to many other weapons in this game. Lastly, only -7 resistance makes it final attribute useless.
This sword used to be over-powered, but they nerfed it too much. I suggest -10 resistance, 70 or 75 heat damage, and 180-286 explosive damage.
Some may claim that this weapon is useful because it is a combo for terrorblade, but in reality, it is so weak using it as combo is a waste of a turn.
Now, Brightroar, the Heronmarks equally weak brother:
1-2 range, 144-232 energy damage, 76 energy damage, -7 energy resistance.
For this weapon, all points are the same as heronmark.
Damage too low, same as heron
76 energy damage to low, as omparable to gap between heat and energy damage for normal, this sword does too little.
Shield drain is miniscule.
Suggested Stats:-10 resistance, 180-286 energy damage, 88 or 93 energy damage.

Hopefully this is noticed and these two inadequate weapons are brought back into the gameplay.


PURIFIER ------------- (49), 2-4 Range, 163-213 PsDmg, No Hidden Stats, (No Cost)

The Purifier…it’s stats are trash… not much damage but no cost


Purifier:14 AM
Stats, 2-4 range, 163-213 physcial damage, no hidden stats.
Now, there is a huge problem with this weapon. I undertsnad the purpose, it was meant to be a cost free 2-4 range weapon to counter energy/heat mechs. However, they made the damage much too low because of the 2-4 range and the cost. Why waste weight on a purifier when you could do more damage charging and stomping? I suggest, instead, -7 physical resistance, and 200-295 phys damage.


Bloodweep; 08 AM
Stats: 2-4 range: 147-209 physical damage, -20 physical damage, 3 uses.
Now, the premise of this weapon is that it has high shield drain, so it sacrifices damage for future damage. But the low shield drain cant justify.
For comparision, the nightfall does 248-366 damage, and 11 shield drain. It also has the same range and cost. So, for, if used three times, a total of 147-209+60 extra damage or so, vs 248-366+33 extra damage.
It makes this weapon so useless.
So, i propose two things:
Higher damage, with 210-305 damage+change the weight from 34 to 49
Higher shield, with 170-250 damage and -30 shield+ change weight from 34 to 45.


Amour annihilater…
40-60 dmg
6 push
3 uses
62 heat cost…
2-4 range
make this thing useful…


Check this please…


I mean push…
this works on orb cannon


Armor Dissolver
Current stats: 2-4 Range, 41-55 PysDmg, 3 Push, 2 Uses, (0/62 Cost)
The problem is multiple things: Heat cost, damage, and overall worse ness from repulser.
Why get this when you could save 40 heat by using a repulser? 30 damage makes no difference.
New stats suggestion: 2-4 range, 3 uses, 4 knockback, 52 cost.
This could be a desurt fury/orb weapon combo (assuming those weapons dont stay useless, maybe somebody should do one about them)


57 PM


That is old, pre nerf version.


Valiant Sniper - Too weak… Make it do more damage Lol just a joke to lighten up the mood more


Desert Fury:36 AM
Stats: 4-8 Range, 154-224 PysDmg, -23PysRes, 2 Uses, (16/16 Cost)
The problems: Damage is much to low, range does not allow it to complement any useful physical weapons, shield drane does not justify the damage.
Suggested stats: 170-250 physical damage, -30 physres, 2 uses.


Hello guys,

İ am an expert on the topic of the “unloved premiums”.
Let aside the legs and nighfalls, pretty much everything on this screenshot.
İ usually dont use Avenger neither greedy (Zarkares & Void), but i’ really much like to if efficiency would be higher.

Let me explain here item per item:
Avenger: obviously HP is a good thing, but Energy and Heat specs are soooo poor.
Desert Fury: Damage is (exaggeratedly) low, weight and resistance drain are a plus
Bloodweep: Same comments as Desert Fury
Greedy: Same comments as Bloodweep.

Ä° think there is no possible use of avenger even maxed. But i think that for greedy, desert fury and bloodweep, there is a use:
1st: they absolutely need to be maxed
2nd: they need to be used in combo to deal massive resistance drain
3rd: you need to have genuine high damage physical guns for “the last shot”, once resistance is utterly low, these 2 nighfalls for me.

So I think there is a way to play with these efficiently; but compared to other premium guns it is far more taxing and difficult.

They might deserve some spec update, that could be turning some energy free; tuning the weight-res drain-damage balance.


energy can rid you…


yes they can, and they do.


76-114 (108-150)
10 drain(12 drain)
16 en cost( 10 cost)
16 heat cost(10 cost)


Thank you good sir.


Stats:4-8 Range, 203-265 ElDmg, 95EnDmg, -5ElRes, (47/16 Cost)
Problem:It cant keep up with other energy top weapons, as it has nothing special or really good about it…its too…average…
The damage is not too bad, but its not extraordinary…but neither is the energy drain… or the shield drain…so i suggest this being a damage energy top weapon, they dont really have much…
New stats: 203-298 energy damage, 90 energy damage, -5 el resist