Useless Gold Portal statistics


Hi guys! The gold portal does not work for me.
My statistics show that any other mission on the campaign map is way more profitable than this. The last streak of 4 gold portal missions for 9k reward is just more than enough for me… So I paid 40 energy to receive total 40 k gold… Amazing. For 48 energy I would get around 60 k gold, 16k (SIC!) experience and perhaps some boxes on BB hard mode. Or good amount of boxes on Ramboy… The gold portal is just so disappointing TO ME PERSONALLY…


The gold portal has always been useless. The first run on each difficulty gives good gold and tokens, but any runs after that barely give anything


I spent only 1 refill (200 energy) and ended up from 7.3k to 608k in some moments


How did you get 200 fuel from 1 refill?


I think he meant that he spent one refill so in total he used 200 energy. (original 100 and 100 from the refill)


yeap , thats the way


I collected my tokens & ran away.


unlikely, Items drop are veeeeery p :eyes:rly now. BB without boxes or gives couple commons,
with the rest - agree; yesterday I had a grumble about it.

UPD and next bad news: the first passage of almost any mission at campaign are empty, no drop box. BB - to two, to three insane…
I don’t have decent words to characterize the activity and other qualities nerfogolics from SadoMazoTeam…


My questin is: why is this gold portal news pops up every time I log in when the portal is already gone?


I was happy with the gold portal I went from 600k to 1,3m


The last one was good to me too giving good gold on INSANE
3 at 63,700
20 at 28,200
4 at 9,700