Used Items On Mechs Shown Wrong At Upgrade

I noticed that since some weeks (months :question:) at the “Upgrade” screen the items in use at mechs are shown wrong :exclamation:

  • unequipped all my Claws (5) from ALL mechs and teams :exclamation:

  • Upgarde

  • it still shows all Claws as part of a mech at Upgrade

  • using one of this wrong shown items in “use”, brings still this message …

@Mohadib @SilverBox @jonny

Can you please fix this :question:

Sorry if there exist already such a Bug report, I searched but did not find one like this. If you know there is already one, please feel free to post the link here :exclamation:


@SilverBox please give us 1 word about this, it should be not that hard to fix it …

  • it disturbs a LOT during upgrading

  • it also confuse (in a wrong way) us players if we can destroy an item or not

  • checking it, how it is for real, needs a LOT of time

… just have a torso I never used marked as in use again :exclamation:


Is there still someone @Silverbox who care about such issues … or is it sensless to report (taking time) such things :question:

(cos idk, game is dieing)



This happens to me too, if I take an item off a mech and then use it as upgrade-feed it is flagged as in use

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Thanks for reporting. I will check this out.