Use The Tonto Drone!


This is why i use firefly31%20PM


it looks good huh?:joy:


hybrid set.
with frantic brute.
thats already 2 cardinal sins.


no shit david got anything else to say smartass?


ur momma gei.


lol prepare thy anus then


t h a t s m y l i n e y o u t h e i f


well guess what it is mine now biotch


you cant beat me.


uhhh guys i think this guy doesn’t know how to build his mech.


comming from you, thats not saying much.
h y p o c r i t e


thanks i take that as a compliment lol


You guys do remember that this chat is for the tonto drone, right?


Void: awesome
Tonto: badass
Solar Torch: stellar
Hurlbat: Godly


So they’re all good?


Sarcasm, lol. First 3 are all good, depends on your build. Hurlbat is the kraken of the drones.




I wouldn’t say hurlbat is the greatest of them all, lol, and it is pretty old as well.