Use The Tonto Drone!


I have just transformed the tonto drone in my second team into a legendary. And now, at the right range, it does as much damage as any other weapon would, which is something most drones cannot do! And if your mech design is right, you can really take advantage of that, like me. The drone is amazing if you use it right!


already maxed it
( ._.)


what a noob

tonto is weak

Solar Torch is clearly superior


hurlbat team


Said dude which have all this drone serie


They’re for different ranges





tonto isn’t weak as you say

solar torch is superior but it’s not working for all phys builds
also solar torch is a l-m so it’s hard to get


I guess no one saw my sarcasm


hey winzkay, go check youtube comments. I put something there


I will totally log into my youtube channel that I haven’t touched in a while just to read a message that you can say right here and right now


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What about…no ?

It’s not the best drone for my buuilds and strategies, so…


what is tonto transformation range ?




It’s epic to Mythical


I prefer Void, cause it drain resistance well, have a “meh” damage but its good for me its my opinion, I dont know bout you


Void isnt range limited and does twice less the damage, tontos and voids res drain gap is 3


First, tonto takes energy and heat.
Second, I’d rather get the firefly since it does as much damage as solar torch, and doesn’t take energy if you are broken.
Third, show me your mechs.


Now I see it, its very meh