Use legacy items to Transform

I am now wondering why we can’t use legacy items to transform?

I’m thinking this might be a coding issue, and using old items to “transform” the new ones will be complicated.

It would have been nice, though. To transform, I learned that you need to use up a similar type of item… so to transform rares - you need to use rares as components…

Things get difficult as you go higher up the item tier. You need to either gather up the necessary ingredients from a box, or build ingredients for transform purpose.

I needed epic (? the violet ones) items to transform a torso. I got a lot of legacy items, but no new items. So, before I can transform, I need to build up more new items to a usable level…

I would be really nice (and helpful for getting rid of a few hundred items) if I could use legacy items for transformation, you know?


I hear you, I’ve suggested something of the sort here:

It’s all part of a drive to cash in on players dude - essentially they’re telling us to pay up or GT*O. Oh, and they’ve stuck a timer on it too, 20 days left and counting before the inventory limit kicks in…

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The simplest solution is Remove the transformation cost !!


SM for upgrading is irritating

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