Use bonus tokens first


tokens are shared between Battle Dawn and Super Mechs. it really grinds my gears when i have just enough tokens left on Battle Dawn to do some boost but i’m playing Super Mechs and die in campaign and need to do a revive for 10 tokens. i have about 200 extra bonus tokens on Super Mechs but the game decides to use the tokens that are shared between games and now i don’t have enough tokens to do the boost in Battle Dawn i wanted to do. this is disgustingly annoying. The only way around it is if i send all my tokens to someone on Battle Dawn, do the revival or buy something on Super Mechs, and then get my bud to send my tokens back. i shouldn’t have to do this.

Battle Dawn has a system where some boosts can be bought with bonus OR supporter tokens, and when you buy those, it spends your bonus tokens first, since those don’t transfer to SM and cannot be used on the boosts that require supporter tokens only. That’s a smart system. but using up the resource that can be used elsewhere is not.

  • change it so bonus tokens are used first in Super Mechs
  • keep it as is

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just wanted to be different


100% agree. That way u can send tokens even after making purchases.


Not to be rude but lmfao thats a horrible reason.
“Everyone was voting for hillary so i wanted to be different and jumped off a bridge”.
See how it can be bad?