Upgrading Problems

It almost takes a week to Make an Epic to Mythical (Max 50/50)
The Drop rates of Rare power kits are also very low… Give Your take on this

A week is plenty fast enough for a max myth. Hell, I can’t even do that, so why are you complaining?


That’s normal.

If you want more power kits, then you can craft it in the base.


Or use common power kits and upgrade them to rare, that’s what I do.


Shoultz, that’s not very efficient.

It’s still faster than waiting for rare power kits.

I guess if you’re impatient. I used to find it time consuming just to max out the rare power kits.

Now that I recall, power kits are not that hard to come by when you can get it regularly from a clan.

it takes me about 2 weeks to create a myth. Before making a thing mythical, I collect relics and only after that I immediately throw them into improvement to the last level.

I see no point from the first level myth

“upgranding problem” in ideas&features? :thinking: maybe you should go to “bug and issue”

It sucks though…
It takes 10k to convert a Common - Rare …