Upgrading Mix Boxes

How many boxes do you have unclaimed? Do you not have enough room to open the unclaimed boxes to upgrade or use in work shop? Are you inpatient opening so many boxes? Do you get frustrated opening all your boxes and not getting anything good/great?.. Well, my answer to all those questions is YES.

Upgrading already exist for weapons, torsos, legs, and more. But why not Boxes. Wouldn’t that also be awesome too. Now here is the Idea. Say you have 100 mix boxes. It will take a long time to open them, yet you may have patients for that or maybe not. But, you probably won’t be able to open all of them right away, because of the room you have in the work shop. Why not just upgrade them to another box level. Now here is how it works

You have 100 mix boxes. You can use them for a different level upgrade.

  • So if you want a Silver Box, you will need 6 mix boxes. (It only cost about 6500 gold) So, That is really not worth it, for the silver.

  • Now onto the Premium box. The premium box will require more mix boxes, I say between 50 - 60 mix boxes would sound fair for a premium box. Just use 50 - 60 mix box to upgrade to a premium.

  • Now for the Premium pack. That would require more than what you needed for a premium box. I say that you need between 100 - 120 mix boxes to upgrade to a premium pack.

“Now, You may think that is too many mix boxes too give up. I don’t have that many boxes.” Well, you can get over 100 mix boxes in a week. I have over 50, and started with zero on Sunday. Giving up those boxes is not worth it right? Well, I think not. You have a better chance of getting a Legendary item in the premium box than in a mix box. I don’t even think you can get a legendary in a mix. I haven’t even gotten one legendary from the mix box. Anyway that is my idea.


Fancy… I like it


dude… i can’t get that many boxes since my inventory space is HUGE!!!
and tbh why would i waste my time saving useless items when i can just fuse it into my energy mech