Upgrading mechs

I have some weeks improving my second mech and I don’t know if this happends to all of you but I can’t improve my mech quickly; I mean I know that upgrade a mech takes time but I got weeks Farming every day, purchasing boxes every day, doing the raids every day/week doing the 5 wins of the multiplayer missions and more wins appart, taken money, fuel, tokens, boxes from the clan doing the gold portals items portals and doing that type of things and I’m not done with the mech I got at least 1 month doing this and at certain point I’m tired I don’t know what I’m doing wrong x.x

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It took me months to improve my mechs. It’s how it is.

Just keep playing and eventually you’ll get mythical.


Funnily enough, you’re not doing anything wrong.

This is pretty much a good schedule, trust me a month is no where near enough time for new players to get a fully fused mech done under.

Hell it took me around 5-6 months for my first mech. And around 1-3 for my second. You’ll be fine, just be patient and keep on farming.


@WMist253 @Transcendant
Thanks for the support xD it is really hard to be active every day and that x.x I remember that my 1rst mech took me maybe 2 or 1 month in the moment that I obtained the items Improving it was easy 2 legends per day but now 1 legend per day and that farming in the morning and the night and like I said expending money in boxes

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Yetf I think you’re not doing really well since you’ve been doing more than me for your second mech and I’ve only been here for 1 month and a half and even then you do not have your mech completely fine I feel like you’re doing something wrong … :confused:

Why this reply!?

You’ve been here longer and you’ve barely put in much work into yours. (mything shit is only part of the process. Max your shit out). The lad has a pretty damn good farm schedule, and continuing to follow it will allow him to complete it mech(s) within another month or so.

Perhaps, do not come at someone else’s mechs when yours are barely maxed.

Keep going like this Yeff and in time you’ll get your mech(s) done.

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Remember that’s not my real 2nd mech my 2nd mech is hidden I’m trying to surprise you and other people xD but I got time working in that mech and Is a really slow process

That’s what I hope xD

Cual escondido ambos sabemos que ya vi tu mech…

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:'v demonios como es a ver?

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No se si se te olvido pero el mech me lo enseñastes hace un par de meses

si se me olvido xDDD

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some players don’t get legends for months.

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I don’t get them from boxes I get them by Upgrading epics


then the next question-where are epics in such numbers?
Droping is veeeeery poor now.

Your mech needs a better torso why not add a torso zarkares and remove a heat bomb?

And that’s what I mean xD

Heat bombs are the life :3 and… I’ll do that after the offert of the premium boxes

I just got amaizing item of L-M’s.
Pretty great.
Heat items.

So how many months have you been trying to build your 2v2 setup? A couple of months? So do not worry, once you get everything done and ready, Mohadib will impleement his ideas from the “Weight and range strategy” (search for this post, if you are interested), and will turn the entire game upside down. You will have to start all over again. This is what they plan to do. This is WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DID SEVERAL TIMES ALREADY (1. SM Reloaded 2. Nerfing physicals 3. Dramatic changes of stats, etc. etc…)