Upgrading legacy items

i want to upgrade my myrhical drone be cant

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Ya wanna gold medal for that?

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Why do you need to upgrade your legacy drone?all legacy items are now trash.


What about the repair drone aye???

Nope…not even the repair drone.maybe early game it has little purpose,but end game (34 or 35 heal?)it’s also trash.

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Oh God, can someone remove this kid from the forum? Please.

i have the repair drone

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Be cant token free ples dev respond

what did you say i dont get it

I can’t understand what you have written in your post

i cant upgrade the legacy items i got before some update

That’s normal and it’s intended.

oh well i dont like it

should l still keep my repair drone

Change to the new items, this is what Reloaded is all about


I’d litterally go berserk if they do something to the legacy item since I fused them all…

the ones they got before the update

Legacy items are suppossed to be off the table the devs don’t really want people using legacy items in battles and they are all useless now anyways

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Not all but most are useless

cough mythical hook and mythical teleport cough

Man, I still have scars from accidentally turning those into kits.

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