Upgrading items equipped on mechs SOLVED

If I remember correctly, a few updates ago, you were able to upgrade items that were attached to your mech. Now, you need to unequip it from your mech for it to appear in the upgrade screen, so it can be awkward to upgrade items you are using. I have been away for a small amount of time, so this may have been intentional, but I can’t see a reason for the change.

If it was changed so that you could upgrade equipped items, it would make the experience much smoother.

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I believe they do appear in the upgrade screen however they disappear when you try to upgrade other weapons to stop them being used accidentally :slight_smile:

Ah, my bad. It seemed to be a mixture of that and the fact that most of my items are legacy items that caused my confusion

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So you want it on the same page? Because it works for me on another page.