Upgrading, Item Limit

So I have about 1 million % above limit. I cannot upgrade my mythicals into other mythicals because it is not allowed. How am I supposed to get rid of them? Only option is to upgrade my stuff into peasant items? Will my items if above the limit stay there?? Example: 23003/100 or all get deleted to 100?


For those who have items exceeding the new inventory limit, you will need to use or get rid of those items. The best use is to fuse to feed your new items to become better (as every tier now has the ability to be upgraded and useful). Your items will NOT auto delete. You’ll just keep a high amount, however, you will be capped and unable to get more items after grace period. Part of this new update was to help get rid of the mindset of hoarding items.

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I do find that this is extremely unreasonable when you have the boost prices to consider, some of the people in this community have over 10,000+ items. You cannot expect people to fuse away these old items when it costs 50k to 600k just to get rid of a significant chunk of them.


If you give me the coins to do the fusion, with pleasure.

This new update is made for you to buy thousands of tokens. You need millions of coins to buy new items and then to fuse them. Weapons, modules, drones … etc.

You think that because this first week some had accumulated many coins and built a new mech, next week they can do it without buying tokens? Do you think the mech you have now will not have to change it soon? Do you think that by doing hours and hours of campaigning, you will get the millions of coins you need?

Excuse me, but devs were sold us the Obelisk of the Place de la Concord.

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Yes, still waiting for the developers to do the right thing and remove fusion costs.

So far I haven’t heard any response from them.


The developers after this update:


Lol this is best meme on the web ,man i love it XD


i bought tokens and got 1000k gold but its still not enough to upgrade

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