Upgrading Change

Upgrading needs to be better. A lot of games let you customize your weapon when upgrading. In Supermechs, it’s basically an automatic upgrade. For Torsos it’s hit-points, for everything else it’s damage. When you upgrade something, you should be able to have the option on which stats to upgrade on.

For Instance: When a torso is upgraded it gets 5 hit point. Instead of all 5 of those points automatically going to Hit point, have it customary for players to choose what stat to change. Say you upgrade USA Mark 1 to level 2, that’s 10 points you get to choose where they go. Let say you decide that 3 go to hit point, 3 go to weight which would subtract 3 from weight, and four of those points go to cooling. It make it more fun and better.

So what your opinion on this, before a poll is made.


I like this idea. It will definitely create more diversity in mech builds and I love the idea of the extra creativity. The process should be reversible as well, so for example if you spent points on HP, you should be able to ‘reset’ your points to reallocate elsewhere.


Weight reduction seems like an interesting torso upgrade.


Love it
i also would add that upgrading items dont worth the stats at all would be nice add your idea and boost the upgrade points like this:
-Torsos:20 upgrade points; heat/energy cost 10 each ad 5 points, Regen Cooling cost 15 each add 3 points, hp cost 5 add 5 points
-weapons: 10 upgrade points; hp dmg cost 5 add 1 point, extra dmg cost 15 add 1 point
-Legs: 10 upgrade points; Hp cost 10 points add 5 points, hp dmg cost 5 add 1 point, extra dmg cost 15 add 1 point
-drones: 10 upgrade points; hp dmg cost 5 add 1 point, Extra dmg cost 15 add 1point
That way you have a real strategy and a good extension of points to manage
points are obviously acumulative


I also agree with the weapons.

For pure damage weapons, then only the damage gets upgraded.
For mixed type weapons (heat/energy or regen/cooling damage) then you can have a choice of increasing only the base damage, or split the points up to increase some to damage, and some to the effect.

How much points, though? Weapons generally have a plus 1 to damage when you upgrade.

We might need more Upgrade Points to increase one bit of the effect damage… I don’t think it would be balanced to have an entire point increase to Effect Damage in a similar fashion as normal base damage does.

Weapon upgrade can be quite tricky…


as you see i said 15 for extra and you get 10 per upgrade, so that means for 3 upgrades you could add 2 points instead of the 3 of base dmg
i could say 20 but it wont worth the cost at lvl 10 and further for example
for resistance drain will never be increased
also if you add points by mistake there should be a reforge option that cost tokens and would reset points giving you the oportunity to reorder the extra points and also boost buying interest for those who want to reset
this also would be a way to reset your weapons to level 1 and get the corresponding upgrade kits instead of just having it stored or destroy it to get the points when you change of strategy


Ah… now I get it. Yeah, that seems good.

Also this “reforge” option is a good way to re-roll the stats. You can re-assign the upgrade points of a weapon to different settings!

Man, more stuff to tweak with, than just the modules.

But — this might “confuse” other players. The Developers might not implement it. lol. :slight_smile:


This is a great idea. Currently you can tell the exact stats of a weapon just by looking at it. This would be a great change

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I get good ol’ MMO vibes from this… :smiley:

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Haha yes, exactly where I got the inspiration from.


The cooling and regen stats would go through the roof, things like lava spray would go from OP to useless. How about just hp and weight upgrades? And no I’m not saying this because I use lava spray. I’m saying it because the game would be kinda imbalanced. Things other than lava spray would also become useless, and if a torso has resistance, the resistance upgrade would be OP, and mechs with 20 or more resistance would become common at rank 1.

hope this idea is implemented

everything its on limit the max points that could be added this is just an idea
also lava spray wont be like trash because this should apply to every upgradeble item
we should worry more about lava sprays then but with this game would become more personal

What about resistance upgrades? Some torsos give 2-3 resistance, that plus, say, 5 is 7/8 resistance plus a +10/+11 module is 17 or more resistance for one type. And since that mech has a +10/+11 resistance to everything, it has decent resistance against everything else. And you would still have 10 upgrade points left for hp. The cooling and regeneration upgrades sound interesting though, then variations of the same mech would exist, and it would be abit more challenging to win which is good (multiple versions of same mech means you need multiple strategies against it).

What would also be awesome, if this were to happen, is that you can change stats when ever you want, yet cost you tokens on each item.

I agree with that…
It actually sounds pretty dope

@Izhar Nice You are back

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Now that I’m fine with.

upgrades should have suitable counters also
high resistance in all 3------a multiple resistance drainer… etc

as far as weapon upgrading goes, i think we should get a new branch in items—'attatchments’
of course sniper scope is useless in this game
electric shot attatchment(+20-30 electric damage)
heat shot
drainer shot
double damage(after double damage is done , that weapon must become useless in that battle)
heat upgrade module(but upgrading should have a maximum limit; otherwise any 2 torsos are equal;
like 125% should be maximum i.e 100 heat goes to 125 heat; 150 goes to 188; not more)
energy upgrade module

well; who would implement these ideas; or atleast even see it

im bussy with my work xD
so i cant be on the forum as much as i want
being a teacher its cool but hard