UPGRADE & WORKSHOP modes errors

After game software update (Dec 2, 2017?) from UPGRADE screen, you can only see items attached to mechs. Also from WORKSHOP screen cannot see “power units” & maybe other kits as well. Developers please login & check game play function.

Forgot, - I’m referencing the Windows version that has the upgrade & workshop issues.

You can send an image :slight_smile:

Thanks Antonio, however I do not understand the reason for the comment.Please respond.

he just want to understand what u r talking about
btw i play from pc and didnt have any of those troubles
try to clear cache weekly

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Thanks Izhar, appreciate you taking the time to pipe in. Unfortunately for me, that is not the issue. One day it was fine, next was not so fine. Oh well.I just started playing this game - pretty neat. I’ll just deal with it i guess.Thanks again.

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hmm i though this was a visual issue
but it could be a real trouble
some time ago i got duplicated power kits but they were only visual, couldnt use em
so i adopt the weekly clear cache routine

could u give more detailed info?
@Sarah247 im not really sure what hes talking about, it could be just a misunderstanding but it could be a real problem too

Thanks for reporting the issue.
Did clear your cache help?
If not send a message in [email protected] and they will help you further.

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