Upgrade+transform legacy Items?

If there’s a reason we can’t do this please tell me. I had a fantastic setup that has become completely obsolete, if I could just upgrade and transform the items I think it’d be perfect. I’m certain plenty of other players feel the same way.

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Legacy items have been taken out of the game now, they are completely useless except for their fusion power, the only legacy item I still use is the teleport, because I haven’t got any new legendary ones yet, not even sure if they exist xD

So you need to start from scratch again , and use old legacy stuff to upgrade your new items. But make sure you upgrade only those items which can go up to.mythical level, others are pretty much useless later on in the game

Legacy items are just not strong enough to use in the new world of super mechs. But they make great fusion material. Really if you think about it you are upgrading them by fusing them into the new items.