Upgrade suggestion

i was going through some topics cuz i was bored and i really like this one. it was about upgrading

so essentially, it would allow you to upgrade a weapon to a higher rank using another weapon of the rank you are trying to upgrade to.

for example, if you wanted to upgrade a legendary brutality to mythical, you could use a myth nightmare to upgrade that brutality. this could help reduce the amounts of unneeded mythical items and/or epic/legendary.

another thing i wanted to add

i reckon that the upgrade gold cost is, quite simply, way too high. lets say you wanted to upgrade an epic item to legendary. you have to sacrifice 4 items of epic rarity, plus an additional 50k coins, not even including the ones needed to upgrade that item to max level in the first place. this causes players to waste or use extremely large amounts of time farming bigboy.

this may not be a problem for the rich players who can simply buy tokens and exchange them for gold, but for the people who cant buy tokens because their parents wont allow, or they simply dont have any pocket money, it is a very big problem.


That is actually not bad…

The problem is it would mean tacticsoft has to get rid of a f2p grinding wall, but I support this, while tacticsoft might not

this seems like a YOU problem sorry

well, im sorry i dont get to spend 100 euros a day buying tokens and coins to upgrade my $h1t.

im just trying to make the game fairer for the rest of the players

TS simply won’t include this.
they need the money.

but this is actually a great idea IMO.
who else wants this to be added?

  • me
  • not me
  • me, but it needs changes (state below)

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Im a f2p and i dont have these problems cause i actually “farm”

and i suggest this idea to reduce the huge amounts of time we spend farming

i farm too who doesnt