Upgrade item with more level up HP

You will get more level up HP if you fuse with same category item.
e.g. heat top item fuse with heat top item will generate more level up HP.
It wont work as heat top item fuse with heat side item or heat drone. etc

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Thank you … good information so that all can know it !

Interesting would also be, the LESS boosting power, when you boost an already boosted item into something.
I mean how much of power you lose and if there are also differences !?


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Wow … where are the 1952 power (worst case) / 1502 power (best case) are gone ?


Hmmm I thought everyone knew this. It’s shows up in the tips all the time.

For common items, possible boost power is: 400, 440, 480.

For rares it’s 1760, 1936 and 2112.

For epics I don’t remember exactly but it’s close to 3500, 4000, 4600.

Legacy mythicals are 15000-18000 or so.

It depends on item type and item color. Some of them are incorrectly categorized too and give the wrong amounts.

These TIPs are shown in campaign or PvP which has something to do with what you’re seeing.

TIP: Use items of the same category (torso, legs, side weapons, etc) for extra efficiency when Boosting.

TIP: Use items of the same type (physical, Energy, Heat) for extra efficiency when Boosting.

BUT funny enough they want to keep our inventory so low it makes it extremely difficult to use the efficient ways.

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