Upgrade/Fusion Gold Costs removal/reduction

A lot of people (me included) have not only been discussing fusing costs, but also have been actively complaining about the steep prices of fusing/upgrading.

I haven’t seen a poll about it so, I am creating one here to hopefully show developers that the cost of upgrading is too expensive. The rate at which we earn gold versus the cost of upgrading is silly.

Transform costs will not be touched here for it somehow seem fair…

There are two proposals - remove upgrade costs, or dramatically reduce the costs.

I have no math data to back this up, but the previous version of SM has no cost for upgrading. The price of losing an inventory is already enough. Now, not only do you lose inventory, you have to pay for it.

Then, there’s also the issue of legacy weapons. Old players need to get rid of legacy items. most players have a lot. Hoarding items for possible upgrade fuel in a good myth was the norm back then. The case now is that we have a lot of items (in the thousands) but not enough gold to use to get rid of them.

Are we being forced to throw wallets in or what?[poll type=regular]

  • Remove Upgrade/Fusion gold cost
  • Reduce Upgrade/Fusion gold cost by 50%
  • Reduce Upgrade/Fusion gold cost by 75%
  • The Current Upgrade/Fusion cost is just fine. Leave it as it is.

Please vote, and hopefully get our voice heard by the developers. Thanks.


Remove them. Nuff said.

I am willing to explain and elaborate A LOT on why fusion costs have to go.

Devs, hit me up if you need the full reasoning and explanation behind this. :wink:


At this point, I don’t even care if I have to not be reimbursed over the amount of gold I have sunk into upgrading…

Just get it fixed, developers. The economy of the game is not really balanced…

Remove them !!!

A removal of fussion cost for the grace period, or for the fussion of 1k items, or reduction to 75% of it, for the legacy items.
And a refund of the millions of gold that we spent till now, with the oportunity for us to reuse them to buy boxes.
To get rod of 3k items you need aprox 120-180m gold( depends on how many legaxy myths you got)

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It’s hilarious and sad at the same time that this update was supposed to be “the” balancing update yet this is the most unbalanced update ever, even worse than the previous ones…

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Take it off pls