Upgrade/fuse campaign bug


There is a bug that can only be reversed if you restart your game. It involves upgrading/fusing an item and when it shows this screen,

Instead of pressing the big blue button, i press the back key on my phone instead. After that when i upgrade any other items, and press the boost button, it kind of lights up but doesnt do anything (if you press the back key, you will see that the item has been boosted and the materials used to boost are gone) that is one issue. The next issue i came across with this is that when you go back to your main screen and press campaign, it shows your upgrade screen

And does not allow you to play campaign

Im not posting this here to be fixed, as it most likely wont be. And the devs dont care. Just doing this to let the players know not to press the back button on android phones in the upgrade screen as it will bug your further upgrading and not allow you to play the campaign. Thank you all for your time


Same happened me when I fused drone named hurlbat.
Это случилось когда я вливал детали в дрон, который назван “Hurlbat”.


Why are you writing in both Russian and English?
Почему ты пишешь на Русском и Долбоёбонам?


It`s a long story.
Это долгая история.




bakka bakka be boka bana-na nana be bakka