Upgrade Calculation


For the engineer daily mission, maybe count the used upgrade power instead the amount of items.


why tho


This prevents the Santa Hat glitch.


the “glitch” where you have to tap/click the same thing 200 times to the point of your wrist breaking? i think ts gets a good laugh from it


I didn’t break my wrist from doing that, and yes…I spent 10 minutes of my life clicking 3 buttons repetitively


Then you’d complete the mission by fusing a couple of rares…Actually,commons.Five commons and the quest would be done.

I agree,who else is with me please raise your hands! :raised_hand:


The value can be changed to be equivalent to kit value for 10 - 15 lvl 1 uncommons the point is preventing the use of 0 power items if I understand the OP correctly.


Actually, even the description of the mission, made by Berzerk, clearly states about space management…
Fusion power isn’t the same as size…^^